The streets of the town radiate insane screams of the few who remain there. The majority are now foddering for the scraps of the demonic army waiting for their chance to vindicate their defeat, but with weak ties to the material plane, the rift exhausted after pumping out almost two thousand creatures over two weeks the rift grew weak and for a hundred years it has not recovered completely manifesting only ghostly shapes and cries from the abyss.


Populated by demonic abominations or those left alive through baleful bargains or pledging to the demons.


The strong must rule and weak get thrown into the abyss.


A horde of raving demons.


Mainly destroyed.


The largely intact fortress-monastery of the Order.


Kley was founded on the site of a great battle where a demon lord struck Far Reach with his greatsword and cursed the land to eternal demonic invasion. The order was established to keep the abyss at bay. Every 10 years 100 young men would have been gathered and sent into the ranks of the order. But that was all before the flood. Kley left isolated and without support succumbed to the demonic onslaught from the Sword's Edge Chasm. The mysterious order which stood vigil over the Chasm was slaughtered to a man. Now their Fortress monastery stands locked and sealed away from the raving demon horde which rushed to Kork where they met their death on the blades of the Metallic Cohorts and were driven back into the Chasm, but Kley from that moment was so corrupted by the abyssal influence that it was declared a city forsaken.


Kley architecture is a largeley well-fortified building where the majority of humans lived and the flaming gothic chapter monastery of the order.


Located beside rolling hills Kley is right beside a chasm of an unknown depth known as the Swords Edge.

Natural Resources

Herbs and plants from the Sword's Edge as well as rare bits of meat from nearby forests and mountainscape alongside minimal ore from beneath the dry hard rocks.


Alternative Name(s)
The City of the Chasm.
under 200
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
The Order


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