His Holyness The Pope Istvaan I the Mad

His Holyness The Young Pope Charles Asura His family name is hidden due to his ascension (a.k.a. The Little Devil Boy)

His Holyness The Pope Istvaan I the Mad is the 12th and current Pope of the Church of Saintly light. A pensive considerate individual often considered too passive by his advisors.   Current fate unknown presumed to be dead.

Divine Domains


Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is a growing child.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Charles was raised in the war camps of the church's where he was mentored to both a cleric and a wizard allowing for his talents to be best used along with his great knowledge of tactics and forward planning. The following mentors were his father and mother. He grew up in a scedule of learning wizardry followed up by tactics and then followed up with divine knowledge. Through he was a prodigy he worked very hard he was never arrogant. He was crowned pope year 583. This was shocking as he was considered a child yet his actions right after were surprising quivkly inputing many laws and rules causing many forces horror as they realised that these new laws forced many to bend knee or face distruction. He has been constantly increasing the forces of the church as he continued his regular training.


Wizardry training, Cleric knowledge. The arts of war.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Quadrupled the stock of void orbs in a singular year, began the biggest recruitment of soilders causing average life to become much better.

Intellectual Characteristics

He is considered cruel and strangely logistical.

Personality Characteristics


He is motivated on dealing with the 6th war of the Void.

Virtues & Personality perks

Patient and logistical

Vices & Personality flaws


Personality Quirks

Tilts his head as he is talking.

Divine Classification
476 - 507 (Died 31 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Istvaan was born in Xora to a wealthy merchant family.
Biological Sex
Light Green Wide Eyes.
Long black hair in a pony tail reaching his lower back.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Death, such a waste"


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