Gods and Goddesses of the Greylands

Written by Anknarr

"Come, come my young travelers. Let me tell you a story of a far away land. A land that is call the Greylands, the land of anarchy." A man sits down, an old man but with a look that still says he can fight. Eyes of bright gold look at you, with the look of memory beyond the ages. " Come my young travelers, sit and rest your weary legs by the fire. So where shall I begin, ah yes One of the most important thing. The gods and Goddess of the land, yes we shall start there." And so the old man starts his tale of the divine, and weaves a tail like no other.     The land in Eidamir in the north west they call the Greylands is a lawless place were anarchy rules and the Gods and Goddesses of the land enjoy the chaos, for they are just as wild an archaic as its people. Of these land there are two yet similar set of gods/goddesses, those that are worshiped above ground and those below. The gods above are known as the four siblings, two brothers and two sisters of mischief. The Gods and Goddesses below are only know as the God-King and the Goddesses-Queen, the religion of the Drochia of Iron Shield. Gods and Goddess of two distinct regions yet so intertwined together in fate.     The Four Siblings as said are two brothers and two sisters, all of the same age but of different looks. They all cover the domain of Trickery but also each cover a separate domain as well as per their personalities. Addics also over seas war, Bluran The Grave, Juniver of Life, and Brealonna is of Nature. The God/desses King and Queen on the other hand look different as night and day, but they both cover the Domain of Death, while the King also rules over the Arcane, the Queen over Knowledge.     The Four Siblings have been around almost as long a life lived in the Greylands but the God/desses King and Queen are only about two hundred years in total. While the Four Siblings are true Gods and Goddess, born of the very fabric of the multiverse. The God-King and Goddesses-Queen are ascended mortals, mortals of such immense power that they were able to achieve deity status. It has been only in the last hundred years that the two groups of god and goddesses found each other. For it was at this time that the barrier that separated the two parts of the Greylands finely fell and the Iron Shield could commune with the gods and goddess of the multiverse. It was this meeting that the two became one pantheon with the Four siblings having sway over the surface realm and the King and Queen over the under-realm, yet allowing the others follower access to their respected Gods or Goddesses in either realm.     "Ah, where are my manners. Sit and I shall get us drinks. Shall I put some food on, yes I think I shall. S please sit and when I return I shall tell you of each of these Gods and Goddesses individually. But for now, please enjoy my fire, I shall be back"

Domains are found in the following 5ed books, Players Hand Book: Knowledge, Life, Nature, Trickery, and War. Dungeon Masters Guild: Death, Xanathar's Guild to Everything: Grave, Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide: Arcane.


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