Felgrim, The Soaring Mountain

Felgrim, god of the earth and prosperity Felgrim

Felgrim, the mighty primordial who acts a the foundation to the great city that recides on their back. Also traveling across the land on his colossal wings once every 500 years. The city on his back is immense in size but compered to Felgrim, it is nothing but a model. So when you see the grand city of Felgrim remember that there is far more of them buried in the earth while they slumber. Why felgrim travels or why he landed in such ore filled areas was a mystery to his followers until a study was allowed by 'The Sisters of Felgrim' about 950 years ago. They discovered that Felgim ate ores from the earth by reaching out roots from it's body to slowly draw the ores into its body while it slumbered. Flying away after there is no more ores left and moving onto the next area. While they slumber they are rarely disturbed due to its thick hide and how conventional weaponry can't harm them. Felgrim only ever moves early when it believes itself as well the city under threat of imminent threat and will almost never fight. Allowing their followers to defend themselves and flying away with them when they can't. Many people have tried to argue that Felgrim is not a god and his followers strongly disagree but what they all agree in on is Felgrims strength and power.

Divine Domains

Earth and Prosperity

Holy Books & Codes

The Earth's Words

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A mountain with a large pair of wings fixed to the sides


Feldrasia aka Moving Day is an annual celebration where people party and celebrate how they have moved and progressed in their lives. Usually celebrated with a city wide party and they also decorate the inside of their homes with memorabilia form their past to reflect on how they've grown, even if it's only a little

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To live in peace and keep the city safe

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Felgrim in an immense being seemingly made of stone, covered in plants that have grown, with a tail and two clawed arms. The wings are gigantic in scale and a dragon like maw filled with stone teeth. The full physical capabilities are unknown but a list has been collected of known abilities, ranging from moving through the earth like it was water, cause earthquakes and shift the earth around them at will.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Felgrim has never moved early except for one notable time. They landed in Veras where they came into conflict with local laws, including a law against fires, but as the city had a long history of smithing and could not run their forges without fire, as a result the two groups had a falling out that lead to an inevitable conflict. After a long period of tension, where even Felgrim himself fought in his own defence with his colossal claws, the mighty being was forced out of the forest due to the persistence of the inhabitants of Veras. There is another notable time for the primordial Felgrim and that was when a great force had the intent to try and capture him and claim the city, they had infiltrated the city with spys and set up magic seals that prevented them from flying away then over run the city. As their forces were pushed back and Felgrim realised he couldn't fly, an event that had not happen before or since, Felgrim opened he giant maw and with an ear shattering roar unleashed a blast of energy that obliterated the army with a thunderous wave. The people of Felgrim looked on in awe of the catastrophic power

Intellectual Characteristics

Felgrim is very gentle, only ever fighting when there is a need, preferring to eat and live in peace



Felgrim never speaks, rarely giving visions to his followers 'The Sisters of Felgrim'. Felgrim gives insight that is deep and wise to The Sisters through the visions, but when he open his mouth there is only the sounds of mighty roars.

Divine Classification
50 miles
Unknown but immense


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