Where the innocent perish and gentle souls are dragged down to the murky depths

Created by DODLucifer

The Vile Isle of Emer is home to the soulless depraved husks known as blightwalkers. These creatures roam the marshes and floodplains of Emer for the taste of the souls that bridge the planar gap here. Emer was said to be the home of an ancient battleground that tore asunder the fabric of reality. But none yet know the truth. Perhaps there is a hope for this barren land after all, or maybe the land is lost forever to the darkness.


Emer is a small island in the middle of the broken stream in the western Oakvale region. Most of the water within the boundaries of Emer is brackish with a fairly limited supply of it. The area becomes flooded rather often due to its elevation.   The rainforests in this region are home to various hazardous flora that has adapted to the climate in the most fascinating ways. Yet Emer has a striking beauty amidst its perilous surroundings. The jungles and swamps of this region are home to countless dangers yet the land seems to flourish regardless of outside intrusion.

Flora & Fauna

The Blightwalkers of this region are ferocious in their dealings with outside intruders. Humanoids that meet their demise here are reincarnated as soulless husks of their former selves. Yet they remain completely coherent and able to interact with their surroundings. This strange effect is only found within the Island of Emer and creatures other than humanoids remain unaffected.   "The Gallow Lurkers are strange flora residing amidst the fetid swamps of Emer. These carnivorous plant creatures have been known to drag many a weary adventurer to their doom. They reside within the muck of the deeper swamps and emerge rarely onto the land. They don't require flesh to sustain themselves but they never pass up on an extra meal.   The Origins of these strange creatures are not fully known but it is similar to the seaweed growing near the Port City Pescexitium. The seeds are said to be distorted by the foul magic of Emer." ~Excerpts of the All Seeing   Yet perhaps the most intimidating of all are the Bog Whelks. They are closely related to Giant Snails that prowl the depths of the Broken Stream Bay. Bog Whelks dwell within the coastal regions of Emer and are known to rend ships to pieces. They use their ridge covered tongue to eviscerate their victims.

Natural Resources

The rainforests of Emer are abundant supplies of Mahogany, Cocoa, and the rare Myrk plant. The Myrk plant is a large bush with black flowers and purple fruits that contain a potent alchemical substance. The rivers- although largely unexplored- have been known to contain gold, gems, and other precious metals. The rivers of Emer are also home to brackish algae that are nutrient rich and can be used in a variety of dishes.
Alternative Name(s)
The Vile Isle


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