A crusader is a holy warrior of the realm who is recruited for his or her unflagging devotion to the God that he worships to. Most are recruited into the ranks of the Crusader from different orders of paladins, selected for their deep faith in the righteousness of their cause. To be chosen to become a Crusader is a great honour, though it leads not only to a gruelling life of asceticism and martial perfection, but also inevitably to an unmourned death in battle against the forces of evil and all foul abberations. Nonetheless, such a calling guarantees the opportunity to test sword and shield against greatest enemies of your God. Equipped with a sword and tower shield, the Crusader is a stalwart melee warrior whose place is in the heat of battle, surrounded by his foes.   It is said that nowhere else on the Eidamir can more devout warriors be found -- save perhaps within the ranks of the famed Clenched Gauntlet. In fact, several Crusaders have risen to become members of the Clenched Gauntlets themselves in time, though they almost always begin their careers as simple paladins, as might be imagined.   Temples are not the only ones who recruit the martial prowess of Crusaders. Other guilds and orders often gather a band of bodyguards to aid them in the execution of their duties (and Oathbreakers). Known as Holy Hunt, these groups are necessarily small to not to bring much attention and not make the victim to be scared away   Crusader don't need leaders.They follow Gods requests and nothing will stop the iron march of a Crusaders rage.


Structure is really sparce and there are abot 10 temples that serve as home for the Crusaders where they meet discuss new deeds and further plans

Public Agenda

Purge all evil! Hunt down heretics! Kill the oathbreakers! Punish the cruel! Destroy the enemy!


Everything crusader has he will gladly give to those who need it more .So they dont have anything behind them but faith.


Crusaders order was founded in early 200th of GR in order to purge abominations of evil coming from the underground worshipers of the dark gods.And there was a massive wave of volunteers among paladins and fighters to participate in that raids.Their valiant deed was called a great crusade.That is how they got their names.

Demography and Population

Order is hard to count but numbers of paladins currently in it is about 700 men and women on the path of Divine Wraith.

Crusaders crest
Crusader on battlefield
Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Temple of the Lathander

Tolerated on the land due to sometimes extreme measures.


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