Corpse harvesters

Corpse harvesters are huge highly venomous beasts that live on the fire belt, they wonder their scorching home devouring all who die within it including undead. they are very docile creatures who only really attacked when provoked or you stand between it and it's meal content to eat the the remains of others. these beasts have extremely venomous spikes all over it's body as well as producing a toxic gas the flows around it which keeps potential predators away but due to this if they are drawn to a settlement they can be destructive to the population with few ways to get rid of it and so the people of the Firebelt burn their dead in fear of drawing of drawing the beast to their village or in some cases placing their dead in a pile away from the settlements for them to eat. on the fire belt using these creatures in war is a well known tactic, by hiding corpses within the enemies city or leading on to a battle field the people of the land know how to use these creature and they have been the demise of several invading forces who didn't know of them until it was too late

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

They are large spindly beasts covered in venomous spikes. they have 4 long arm at the front and two hind legs with two knee joints all of which they walk on, it's head has a pair of large mandibles and a single piercing eye with a long tail trailing behind it's body.

Genetics and Reproduction

corpse harvesters live in isolation from one another with them rarely meeting one another but when two of the opposite gender meet they bread and after about 3 months the female will lay 1 or 2 eggs which it caries around in a pouch on their stomach and after finding a large enough collection of dead flesh they plant the eggs inside were after about a month the eggs hatch eating their way out and after finishing their meal they wonder looking for more

Ecology and Habitats

corpse harvesters primarily live in the deserts Firebelt where they wonder around eating creature that die in it's home. they have been know to occasionally wonder into other land where it can upset the local ecosystem with it's venomous presence but after a time the creatures learn to avoid it so it's presence becomes less destructive

Dietary Needs and Habits

corpse harvesters live off the dead devouring all corpses and undead in it's vicinity, in cases where there is no corpses around it they will just wander aimlessly until they find more, the strangest part is even when starved the corpse harvester will not attack and kill living creatures almost like being unable to recognize them as food

Biological Cycle

when a corpse harvester emerges from it's egg they are extremely toxic producing a gas that decomposes corpses fast so it can eat them and is know to kill creatures within 50 ft of it, as they grow this gas becomes less toxic only affecting creatures in close proximity to them but it's still toxic capable of poisoning and killing creatures near it but when it becomes and elder it loses it's toxicity and but becomes highly aggressive due to this

Additional Information

Average Intelligence


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

from a simple glance a corpse harvester may seem to have poor vision due to it's single eye but it it a finely tuned tool for seeing long distances even in the dark and at a closer range it poses fine hairs on it's hands and feet which it uses to detect vibrations in the earth around it but it's strangest and most impressive sense is it's ability to detect dead creatures, it's unclear if it does this through smell, some specialized organ or maybe some kind of magic but it's capable of detecting all dead creatures within 5 miles of it

Scientific Name
150 years
Average Height
Average Weight
10 tons
Average Length


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