Green ravens

The most skilled rangers skirmishers and other talented elves,vigilantes of sorts are taking part in this association.Keeping watch across the continent slaying beasts and monsters that are most dangerous to the living peacefull creatures.The philosphy of this people is peace above all and life above death.they appear and disappear not asking for any kind of gratitude or reward saving people from immanent death and rarely seen or immideately recorgnised. The fearsome leader of this fraction is Alare Wingbow one of the most swift and agile rangers of them all.She serves as an example for every member of it never afraid of danger always ready to act and never leaves weak in trouble.Her attitude is inspiring other people to risk their lives in the name of wellbeing of simple folk.Also Ravens are involved in payed investigations and hunting down escapees and thieves or criminals in general.


Structure of the organisation is reaaly chaotic because teams and squad form based on friendly bonds and skill versatility there are "leaders" in squads but mostly those are just for making it easier to manage buisness

Public Agenda

Saving people,protecting those who cant protect themselves,hunting down especially dangerous species,tracking down criminals,murderers.


The ravens dont have a lot of people in disposal and there are about 300 of them total and they live really on the move not keeping any material value on themselves and mostly spreading finances to the families of those


Mostly Ravens are thos who lost someone or was a victim of a horrble events willing to help others despite the event they have came through. in the first place it was a small group of soulmates and altruists.but eventually it has grown to several groups when the Great mage war ended and as a result it was acknowledged by people and government.

Demography and Population

they dont stay in same place for a long time mostly travel looking for those who are in trouble and rarely come back to home.
Ravens dont have a crest but can be recorgnised by different green parts of outfits
Alare Wingbow
Military, Special Operations Force
Alternative names
Forest rain


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