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Lady Palomino DaMiralan Aldunsir(a) (a.k.a. Palo)

Born November 23rd

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Athletic, tall, curvaceous

Body Features

Dark skin, black hair, long muscular legs (she calls them thunder thighs), large chested, average general size, unusually beautiful despite having traits that Feries usually view as unattractive (primarily her skin tone and large breasts)

Facial Features

Large black eyes, a small nose, full lips, small face, defined jaw, very youthful in appearance. Her face looks significantly younger than her body, which creeps people out sometimes.

Identifying Characteristics

Pure black eyes, irises completely indistinguishable from pupils, very dark skin which is rare even among Feries

Physical quirks

Large forehead, hidden by bangs, gaps in her teeth

Special abilities

As a direct descendant of the goddess Aesella, it is believed that her virginity grants her partner extended youth and life, which she also possesses.

Apparel & Accessories

Revealing, or otherwise sexy outfits, specifically around her legs and chest. In hot weather she'll wear barely anything at all, sometimes going topless. In colder weather she covers up, but keeps things tight fitting and feminine when she can. The colors she wears most often are orange, brown, and turquoise. Always wears a pewter cuff on her wrist with a turquoise stone on the medial side.

Specialized Equipment

In combat or desert travel, she wears a strapless leather bodice, leather armor on her thighs, shins, arms, and shoulders, leggings, leather boots, and a cape/shawl. Carries a spark spear of her own invention.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Youngest ambassador in the history of the Republic of Ferier

Failures & Embarrassments

Sparked war between Nulnor and Ferier Is a Registered Sex Offender in Eldersage "Allowed" herself to fall for Hiverys' tricks

Mental Trauma

Raped by king Hiverys

Intellectual Characteristics

Intuitive, moral, logical, abstract, philosophical

Morality & Philosophy

Lawful good. Idealistic but actively and enthusiastically does her part to make the world a better place.   Violence is bad, human bodies and sex are good and don't have any taboo attached to them.


Killing people, gratuitous violence, doing nothing in the face of evil

Personality Characteristics


Save the people of Ferier from a virus that's contaminated their water supply. Help Dovi find his parents. Fighting for gender and sexual equality. Competing with her sister.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Excellent at horseback riding, climbing, running long distances, generally just being very comfortable in her own body, thinking fast under pressure. Adept at mechanics, fixing, and inventing tools, engines, etc.   Not very good with social cues and sarcasm tends to go over her head, can't swim/afraid of drowning, a terrible singer

Likes & Dislikes

Likes politics, debating, food, especially lemon cake, animals especially her burro, nice clothing especially if it's revealing, socializing, talking, flirting with men, making conservative people uncomfortable   Dislikes being lied to, close-mindedness, bodies of water, bugs, long waits, her sister, silence

Virtues & Personality perks

Speaks her mind, clever, passionate, open-minded, optimistic, a good leader, universally kind, self-aware, sociable/flirtatious

Vices & Personality flaws

Offensive, crass, inappropriate, depressed, PTSD, sore loser, naive, a sexual tease, hedonistic especially with food, bad temper

Personality Quirks

Talks in her sleep, occasionally sleep walking, twitches randomly as a side effect of always wearing the lightning stone


Contacts & Relations

Best friends: Cella Corundum, Kidd, Dovi Delmare Love Interests: Regy Merriweather, Lore Boangler (sexual only), Dovi Delmare

Family Ties

Daughter of Chief Executive Dunn Watsella-Aldelsire and Miralano DaPerlin-Dareevula. Has an older sister named Appaloosa "Appal" DaMiralan-Aldunsira

Religious Views


Social Aptitude

Overtly sexual and flirtatious, but puts her foot in her mouth often, and sometimes sarcasm goes over her head. Charismatic because she's so genuine and speaks her mind about everything

Hobbies & Pets

A donkey named Titan, an appaloosa horse named Gem that actually belongs to her sister


Very loud, puts her foot in her mouth, swears a lot, northwest Ferier dialect, Alspring accent naturally but has trained herself to speak in the Eldersage accent.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady Aldunsir
Year of Birth
608 (19 years old)
Alspring, Greater Ferier
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
cis female
Dark brown, large, long eyelashes
Waist length, thick, straight, and black
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Well you look ‘quite young’ to be mixed in with all of those shriveled twatters we call congressmen."   "I don’t care if they hear me. Besides, I’m pretty sure I could graphically describe them fucking a horse and they wouldn't even look over."
Character Prototype
Alisha Boe, Jameela Jamil

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