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Also known as the five peninsulas, or "the star", Ygolor is a 4.6 million square mile continent. There are eight official countries on the mainland, and half of one more. Nulnor, the northern most country, spans the tip of the north peninsula, and is joined to the arctic continent by an ice bridge. Only a small portion of the arctic continent is habitable, but the part that is, is part of Nulnor. A nation known as Sorafell is located directly in the center of Ygolor in a large mountain range called The Whispering Mountains (working title) that run North-South and divide the continent nearly in half. There is also Aconite, an isolated valley nation; Eleodore, a sandy desert nation; Llonalyn, a coastal fishing nation; Ferier, a nomadic high desert nation; Hermeria, a nation on the plains; Lilythorne, a coastal forest nation; and Adderash a marshlands nation. in addition, there are two large island nations. Oranios is an island about the size of the UK on Earth, located just off the coast of the Northeastern peninsula and has a cold and mountainous terrain. It is most famous for its multiple natural hot springs. Located in the Merleon sea, between the Southern and Southeastern peninsulas, are the Mahigni Isles. There are 9 islands of notable size and are all together about the size of Japan. They are tropical volcanic islands.   There is a mythical 12th nation known as Keldmor that is said to exist underneath the Whispering Mountains, along a magical underground river, that is said to be the source of all the magic on the continent.   Magic is entirely nature based, and accessible to everyone, but can only be used for minor tasks, and is generally useless in battle.

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