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The Nation of Gears

The nation of gears "N.O.G for short" is a collection of architects, artisans, inventors, artificers, and all other forms of craftsmen. they are also one of the largest shipping companies, and one of the most well-organized merchants guilds. there resources and influence rival that of some nations.
NOG,s main hub is the floating city fortress known as Sanctuary. due to its mobile nature and heavily fortified structure with the most advanced weaponry, the Nog has ever developed, Sanctuary has never been successfully attacked. the NOG has various research outposts and points that Sanctuary travels between for matanince and possible changes
NOG is the leading producer of S.T.E.A.M., custom made warforged, advanced weaponry, and miscellaneous technological equipment. mem
to join the NOG, you must apply for a membership with a guild exclusivity contract, work under a master for 2 years and submit a working prototype and thesis of your work with your master. breaching contract with NOG will lead to immediate blacklisting of all businesses associated with NOG...and also put on a hitlist to avoid the company secrets being leaked.


The grand artificer has final say over major governmental changes, bellow him in the counsel of masters, a group of master craftsmen appointed by there respective guilds. they may overrule the grand artificer if a majority vote can be agreed on.

Public Agenda

trade, research and development.

"Makers and crafters, lend us your hands, and we shall give you a home!"

Corporation, Conglomerate
Alternative Names
N.O.G./ Nogs / Gears
Gnomish, warforged, ect

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