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The Prima Diana

The ship known as the Prima Diana is a Turtle-Class Ship that has been converted so the inner portion of its "shell" can be raised into a makeshift stage. This reduces the overall crew and cargo capacity of the ship, but makes it slightly more versatile. The stage can also be deployed in case of ship to ship (or critter) combat in order to keep any collateral damage to the outer parts of the ship, rather than risking damaging the interiors. A Turtle-Class Ship is able to land on both solid ground and on water.   Whilst the Prima Diana makes trips as a theatre troupe, it is actually a part of the black-ops department of the Dunamic Defence Corps. They are typically sent on missions where they pose as a standard airship within their designated mission location, where it is imperative that underdeveloped worlds not be exposed to the nature of Wildspace before they are ready. They are typically sent on recon or retrieval missions, as the sturdy nature of a turtle-class ships makes for an excellent smuggling/transport vessel.   A Turtle-Class Spelljammer typically functions with 16 crew members - as a part of its cover as a theatre ship, the Prima Diana's offensive capacity is less than that of similar classes of vessel as it carries fewer crew. Instead of the Mangonel and three Ballistae, it just has the 3 Ballistae. This means, in order to function at full combat capacity, the ship has need of 4 fewer crew members.   Owing to the covert nature of the ship, it makes up for the missing long-ranged artillery by being installed with a Cloaking Spelljamming Helm. This can only be deployed at tactical speed, and can only function for 30 minutes before needing 24 hours to recharge. This makes it impossible to see the ship from more than 3000 feet away, and difficult to see the ship within this range - highly perceptive people would notice that the space behind the ship is warped.   Due to the reduced tactical capabilities of the ship and its standard ruse for infiltration missions, the crew of the ship is filled with highly charismatic people who can all act or play instruments. In addition to its Captain, primary and secondary spelljammers, and first mate, the ship keeps two specialist lookouts who work shifts to alert the captain should any suspicious ships come into visual range.  

Crew Members


Captain Captain Canopus Carinae
First Mate Commander Evelyn Ashglade
Quartermaster Quartermaster Beldani
Bosun Bosun Odessa Caliverza

Squad A

Commando, Second Class Loneeye 
Artillerist, Second Class Kratch Dawnwarrior 
Enchanter, Second Class Pip
Synergist, Second Class Jet Levi

Squad B

Commando, First Class Sunshadow
Artillerist, First Class Tzegr Seratolva
Enchanter, First Class Tolv av Tolv 
Synergist, First Class Presoanel Rafregator

Weapons & Armament

3 Ballistae (3 crew members each)

Armor and defense

Armored Hull, Cloaking Spelljammer Helm.
A Stroked Cat is Gentle (Sylvan)
Owning Organization
Current location
128,000 GP
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
16 passengers, 30 tons of Cargo

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