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Dunamic Republic

The Dunamic Republic is a centralised republic containing affiliated planets, states, colonies and factions found within the inner rim of the Echospace System. The republic is led by a President who presides over the Senate and the Judiciary branches. It consists of three main planets (Kobol, Dunamis and Syldra) as well as their affiliated moons.


The various institutions found within the democratically elected Dunamic Republic are lead by a President who acts as the lead of the Senate and the Judiciary. The President has executive power, although overreach is often tempered by bureaucratic procedure - nevertheless, the president does have the authority to issue executive orders which include, but are not limited to, summoning the senate to emergency sessions or dismissing senators on the grounds of breaches in security. It is also the role of the president to represent the Republic in the Federation of Affiliated Systems, a greater body comprised of multiple Wildspace Systems far more reaching than the Republic alone.   Second to the President is the Voice of the House, who is responsible for setting the agenda for the senate and would call for votes on legislation. Whilst those appointed to the senate do not follow a typical party-political structure, they do represent the issues of the people who elected them, and so the speaker is generally chosen from a state separate to the President's own.


The Dunamic Republic is incredibly welcoming to all cultures and seeks peace and prosperity for all. It is a democratic republic with a judiciary that requires trial by a jury of peers for all criminal disputes.


Spelljamming was first discovered on the planet of Dunamis, who immediately used the technology to explore and find new worlds within their system. During initial exploration efforts, there were hostilities with neighbouring planets, but they eventually found peace and founded the Dunamic Republic. Whilst member planets have their own local governments, the republic typically meets on a free-roaming Spelljammer Citadel that can house the republic's central government in a space free from the control of any one member planet.   The Republic has explored the entirety of the Echospace system and has made attempts to recruit the outer rim of planets into its union. These planets initially entered into hostile relations with the Republic, with each side claiming the other had started the conflict. The initial war eventually ended, and whilst hostility still remains between the two major factions in Echospace they are not currently considered to be at war.   Some time after developing Spelljamming and exploring their known system, the Republic was contacted by a Federation of United Planets that exists beyond its Astral Veil. The Republic joined, with the outer planets once again refusing a union with an outside government body. It is difficult for the Republic to join with the Federation fully, as outer rim planets control the territory they must sail through to reach the astral veil and leave the system, but they still stick to the prime directive of the federation¬†- to no longer interfere with worlds that have not yet developed the means to travel through wildspace.


The Dunamic Republic currently maintains territory that covers the entirety of the inner rim of planets. This includes an inhabited Asteroid Belt that has restricted access, and is bordered by a gas field Torus that acts as a no-man's-land between the Republic and the Outer Rim of planets.


The Dunamic Defence Corps (a Spelljammer Navy)
Geopolitical, Republic
Government System
Democracy, Presidential
Power Structure
Transnational government
Economic System
Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper coins.
Legislative Body
The Senate
Judicial Body
The Judicial Branch*
Executive Body
The President of the Dunamic Republic
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles


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