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WorldEmber 2023: Dimi Mission

In December 2023, in the The Real World, the wonderful Tris gifted me a WorldEmber Dimi Mission over on Twitch.


What’s a Dimi Mission, you may ask? Well, it’s a special challenge from the founder of World Anvil himself to expand upon an area of one’s worldbuilding.


In my case, the mission is to describe at least three settlements in my magical land of Eden.


I could not be more excited!


The Map

The Land of Eden
A map of the world based on the work of Lüe.

The Plan

In announcing my challenge on the World Anvil livestream, Dimi made it clear that it looked like I hadn’t written about any of Eden’s cities. So, the first thing on my to-do list is to make it more obvious that you can click on the city names on the map above and get links to the city articles.

Author’s Note: I completed the first item of business on Tuesday, December 26. Be sure to check out the newly spiffified map embedded above.

The second item of business is to decide which cities I haven’t written about are the highest priority.


In that case, while I would love to write about far-off Verona (which will be located on the northern shores of Lake Whatever), I may leave cities like that until the end.


In order to stick with my other goals for WorldEmber, I should focus on cities that Frieda—the protagonist in The Blood of Seven Queens—will pass through on her journey. These will include Sleepy Hollow, which I’d already planned to write about in WorldEmber, but I’m not sure where else yet.


One thing I do know is that I’ll be using the amazing Deck of Worlds from the fine folks at Story Engine to help me flesh out the cities and towns I write about.


More soon!

Me, E.
WE 2023: Dimi Mission
December 1–31, 2023
Because Dimi asked me to!
By the power of Grayskull


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Dec 9, 2023 12:42

Hey, you got a very similar mission to mine last year! Settlements are fun. Looking forward to whatever you come up with. Good luck!

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Dec 9, 2023 14:14 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Good luck with your Dimi mission! :D

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Dec 9, 2023 16:55 by Chris L

Very cool, can't wait to see what you come up with. I had an absolute blast with my Dimi Mission last year!

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Jan 18, 2024 12:11 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

Interesting article. Congrats on the Dimi mission and the progress! Thanks for sharing and entering this into the Special Category. God bless and much success with your New Year's plans! <3

Jan 21, 2024 23:27 by LexiCon (WordiGirl)

Hi there again! Just wanted you to know that I've now added your article to my #WBResolutions article which explains why I was inspired by it (and also declares you an official shortlister for the Generic Special Category win)! Check it out here: If you'd like me to take it down or something, let me know. Thanks again for being awesome! God bless!

Jan 22, 2024 11:42 by E. Christopher Clark

Oh, gosh, thank you so much! I'm off to check out your article now.

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