Michael Silver

Michael Albert Silver is the eldest child and only son of Albert and Michaela Silver. Best known today as the co-creator (alongside his cousin Matt) of the popular comic book series The Children of Judas, he is also a tenured professor of illustration at the University of Hawaiʻi.


In the mid- to late-90s, he gained notoriety in New England as the frontman of the popular Boston band Gideon’s Bible. His tumultuous relationship with Bible guitarist Robin Gates led to the group’s downfall in January 1998, but it was out of the ashes of that romance that Michael found the love of his life: college classmate Jenna Worthing.


And yet, because—as his sister Ashley once observed—Michael has never been able to say no to a pretty girl in his life, the man was eventually put on trial for his “crimes against femininity” in the novel The Boot of Destiny.


Appearance & Personality

In Boot, Robin describes Michael as “the best kind of handsome: the kind that doesn’t know it yet, and maybe never will.” But while some, such as Robin, find his effortless good looks an irresistable quality, others think of Michael as the most irritating kind of attractive: the kind that can roll out of bed, looking like a hot mess, and still make people swoon.


His eyes are thought by many to be his best feature. Shifting color depending on the light, they are a perfect metaphor for his generally flighty nature. Blue one minute, green the next, and hazel the moment after that, Michael’s eyes are as noncommital as he is.


Other than his preternaturally pretty peepers, Michael’s other defining physical characteristics are his feet—a feature his wife Jenna has said she would kill for. With his marvelous arches, his insane flexibility, and the fact that the first three toes on each of his feet are almost all the same length, he could have danced en pointe—damn the gender stereotypes!—if only he had an ounce of coordination.


Personality-wise, Michael is notoriously self-centered and self-involved. Most don’t notice this, as he’s also a genuinely kind, gentle, and jovial soul, but it often gets him into trouble with those closest to him—Jenna moreso than anyone else. Ultimately, Michael has a hard time getting out of his own head and seeing things from the perspective of others. But he wants to get better at this, and he keeps trying, and that counts for something.



Warning: Here there be spoilers.



Michael was born at the General Hospital in Lowell, Massachusetts on October 5, 1977, to a father who had just been hired for his dream job and a mother who was about to start work on her MD. He was the couple’s first child, and their attempts to balance their personal and professional ambitions would play a huge role in who Michael grew up to be.


The boy’s first years of life were blissful. He benefitted greatly from living upstairs from his paternal grandparents, Eli and Edna Silver, and from having a doting aunt who lived just across the driveway. If his parents were both busy—one with class and the other working a late shift, for instance—there were plenty of other adults around to watch over him. And with two young cousins to share a big back yard with, there was no shortage of playmates once he started toddling around.




The first big change in young Michael’s life was the arrival, on August 31, 1979, of his younger sister Ashley. Ash was a handful from the start, relishing in her ability to cause trouble and in her talent for making her big brother squirm. Whether it was waking him up from a nap by shaking a soiled diaper in his face or nearly getting herself killed by riding her big wheel out in front of the school bus on Michael’s first day of kindergarten, Ashley delighted in stealing the spotlight from her hammy sibling.

  • Sister born August 31, 1979
  • Example of childhood with Ash: she nearly gets herself run over riding a big wheel on Michael's first day of kindergarten
  • Also in 1982: Grammy Silver dies and Vern & Matt move across town with their parents
  • Roams around the yard talking to himself, telling stories
  • The Great Schism on August 31, 1989
  • Adolescence

  • February 1991 befriends Kamala on a school trip
  • November 1991 goes to Metal Night for the first time, whilst still crushing hard on Desiree
  • June 1992 takes Desiree to the prom
  • April 9 1994 Grampy dies
  • January 5 1995 Michael and Robin start dating at NIN show; Gideon's Bible founded the next day
  • Easter 1995, they have sex for the first time
  • May 1995 GB plays the CHS talent show on the McCarthy stage, playing Go Your Own Way
  • June 1 1995 Michael and Robin go to prom
  • June 4 1995 Michael graduates high school
  • August/September 1995 GB records their demo tape in August; releases in September
  • Adulthood

  • July 1996 GB breaks up, gets back together without David
  • Autumn of Anything Goes is 1996
  • 1997 Globe interviews GB
  • Spring Break 1997 Michael is starting to get tired of Robin's BS and is confiding in Jenna about it (Jenna's staying over the house for the break)
  • May 1997 GB records and releases seven-inch
  • Summer 1997 Michael in Disney World when Ashley says she's going to strip
  • January 22 1998 Michael and Robin break up; Michael and Jenna get together officially
  • 1998-2000 Michael first interns then becomes employee #2 for The Runt
  • June 2000 Michael proposes to Jenna in Chelmsford Center, on their way back from a camping trip gone wrong with her coworkers
  • July 2000 Michael and Jenna go with Vern, Des, and Tracy to Disney World
  • April 26 2001 - GB reunites for one show
  • April 28 2001 - Michael marries Jenna
  • September 4 2001 - Michael and Jenna move to Hawaii
  • Summer 2002 - Michael and Jenna, having trouble conceiving, talk to Des and Vern about IVF
  • November 2004 - ASSA Conference in New Orleans
  • 2005 Michael takes Tracy to see a production of The Glass Menagerie at the Democracy Center in Cambridge, MA
  • October 2005 - ASSA Conference in Boston/Cambridge
  • After October 5 2005: Robin and Ashley visit Hawaii and shoot photos
  • September 29, 2006 Robin is murdered
  • October 2006 ASSA Conf in San Fran
  • October 2007 ASSA Conf in Chicago
  • October 2008 ASSA Conf in Philly
  • October 2009 ASSA Conf in Denver / the night he can't remember / Logan born the following July
  • Somwhere here, Michael befriends Amber at a bachelor party for one of his colleagues
  • November 2010 Tracy's visit to Hawaii
  • somewhere before here, he publishes his book on his great aunt
  • March 2011 Michael's trial
  • 2013 Ashley dies; also that year, Sigrid dies
  • November 2015 20th Reunion of the class of 1995
  • Behind the Scenes

    Michael first appeared in E. Christopher Clark’s unpublished mid-90s comic book series Nightmare, as the alter ego of the titular super hero.


    He has also appeared twice on stage, in plays by Clark.


    In the March 1999 Bradford College production of The People vs. Jesus Christ, Michael was played by Robert DaPonte.


    In the January 2014 Players’ Ring production of Temptress, Michael was played by E. Christopher Clark himself.


    The author would like to thank Robert DaPonte for his contributions to the character, who would not be the same without his performance.


    Michael Silver


    Towards Jenna Worthing


    Jenna Worthing


    Towards Michael Silver


    Ashley Silver


    Towards Michael Silver


    Michael Silver


    Towards Ashley Silver


    Year of Birth
    1977 44 Years old
    Ashley Silver (Sister)



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