The Elixir of Denial

If she notched her bedpost, it’d look like a ruler. But she knows she’ll only ever have one true love… until a trek through time proves her wrong.


Ashley Silver is stuck in mourning. Since the woman of her dreams was killed outside a time-traveling pub, the stripper has been scattering ashes across the country—and drowning her sorrows in meaningless sex. Then, when a potion with the potential to resurrect her love shatters in her face, she doubles down on her resolve to bring the rockstar back by any means.


Journeying between eras with the help of the mystical, age-phasing bar, Ashley passes out from the shock of spotting her future self locked in a loving embrace with a stranger. And with everything ahead of her dependent on this massive fork in the road, she must make the heaviest decision of her life.


Will her destiny twist into something unrecognizable, or unbelievably beautiful?


The Elixir of Denial is the heart-trembling fourth book in The Stains of Time family saga series. If you like fascinating characters, trippy twists, and complexities that will keep you guessing, then you’ll adore E. Christopher Clark’s whirlwind ride into the soul.


Buy The Elixir of Denial for a splash of existential surprise today!

Elixir of Denial Book Cover
E. Christopher Clark
Release Date
December 21, 2021


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