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Dhon Az'dugh


Dhon Az'dugh is a big settlement located in the Wasteland in western Kysa and is mainly populated by half-orcs. The half-orcs inhabiting the Wasteland are mostly nomadic but have chosen these old ruins to built their hub. This is where the three clans come together to trade goods and stories, and where many of their crafters have settled.   As spells and magical items that can predict or control the weather do not work in the Wasteland, some bloodlines have developed the ability to predict the weather with great accuracy on basis of ley-line energy. They are outclans that are welcome at any clan and treated with the highest respect as their abilities have saved many lives.   Water purifiers also play an important role in this society. As the rain is often slightly acidic or even poisonous, the rainwater needs to be treated before it is drinkable. They typically use magic to clean the water, in recent years, they have, however, figured out that they can use seaweed to filter the rainwater, thus making drinkable water more readily available.


Three clans make their home in Dhon Az'dugh, each of which is lead by a Matriarch - as is tradition for the half-orc clans in this region. The Matriachs are equal in power.


In the early days, many half-orcs fell victim to the traps in the ruins littering the Wasteland but over time they managed to disarm the traps or take advantage of them, helping them to secure their settlement against the predators roaming the Wasteland.

Industry & Trade

Coins do not fill empty bellies, and they do not keep predators away either. Thus they hold little value in the Wastelands. The half-orcs are self-sufficient for the most part and rarely ever need to trade with outsiders. When they trade amongst themselves, they trade their wares for other goods or services.


The city is bisected into three quadrants, one for each of the clans, with a neutral territory making up the center of the settlement. This neutral settlement is also where the clan matriarchs meet every new moon to discuss matters that are of great importance to all the clans.


Dhon Az'dugh was established shortly after The Age of Dread and is built on top of one of the many ancient ruins littering the desert.

Natural Resources

Due to the highly volatile weather in this part of Kysa, there is very little agriculture. Some dedicated farmers cultivate some more resilient plants in some of the bigger and more stable ruins near the settlement. Other than that, the main sources of food are smoked and cured fish as well as the meat from the animals and predators roaming the Wasteland.
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