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The Wasteland


The Wasteland makes up the western half of Kysa and is separated from the rest of the continent by the Chasm. Giant bones and decrepit ruins litter the Wasteland, along with a handful of tall monuments that have survived the wars of the Third Age and the ravages of time. Many of the ruins stem from The Age of Discovery, where it was common to build on top of or near Ley-Lines. This was to facilitate recharging the Ley-Line Crystals used for most contraptions.

Localized Phenomena

The disrupted Ley-Line is the reason for the unpredictable and volatile weather in The Wastes. It cannot be controlled or predicted by magical means. Suffocating heat can turn into flooding rains in a matter of hours, while most nights are freezing cold. On top of that, the rain comes in varying levels of acidity and toxicity.

Fauna & Flora

Due to the unpredictable weather, few plants can survive this climate, and only the adapted or most vicious creatures can survive this hazardous environment. Some of the creatures have seemingly evolved, developing thicker hides, resistance to acids and toxins, and some have even become poisonous or venomous. Apart from the wild creatures, only the half-orcs of Dhon Az'dugh have made this forsaken Wasteland their home.


There was a powerful Ley-Line running through this part of Kysa, which was disrupted sometime during the war, wreaking havoc on the land. This disruption created the Chasm.


There is no tourism to speak of. Only scholars and explorers occasionally enter the Wastes to explore the many ruins or to study the effects the disrupted Ley-Line has on the environment.   Anyone foolhardy enough to come to the Wasteland would be wise to find a guide from one of the local tribes of Half-Orcs.
Alternative Name(s)
The Deathlands
The Wastes
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