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The Man Ape

Data File Subject: Man-Apes

Whether it was a mutation or accelerated adaptation, the Simians or Man-Apes developed a more erect posture and learned human vocabulary. Their intelligence skyrocketed and if there were no other humans alive, they would be the natural choice for world dominance. However, humanity and the hostile environments of Earthrend are barriers to their progress. They hate all humans and attack on sight.


They are powerful and agile humanoids, but still unable to utilize advanced technology that could aid them in progress.

Simius, the leader, is perhaps the most intelligent of the group and is capable of reverse engineering a giant robot called The Mighty One (King Kong Movie prop) to do his bidding.

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Thundarr the Barbarian thwarted Simius and the Mighty One. The clan dispersed and went into hiding, but Simius is clever enough to learn more about the ancient movie props and will no doubt seek to build more menacing robots in the future.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Only females of the clan leader have names. Daughters and younger females are simply possessions of the clan mother. The Clan Mother numbers all her children for identification. Son-2, Girl-3 are typical examples.

Masculine names

Sons must earn a name through action. Actions worthy of names include: overcoming an obstacle for the Clan, conquering a challenge set by the Clan leader, saving the Clan Mother against an enemy, crafting an item to advance the Clans status or influence over an area.

Family names

The Man-Apes have strong family connections, but only a few lineages are in our databanks. One or two names come from conquest events. Gatorclaw and Snaketooth are two family names that have arisen because the clan leaders conquered various threats.


Major language groups and dialects

Common English, Common Sign Language and Ape

Shared customary codes and values

Strength IS honor. Might IS the law. The Clan leader sets the rules and direction of the clan. If there is resistance or an argument, the male can challenge the might of the leader. The leader sets the test - it could be combat, a clan peril, a non-lethal contest (race, climb, swim, etc.), the clan determines the terms of victory. If the Clan leader loses, he is driven out in exile, and all his authority goes to the new leader. If he wins, the challenger is kicked out, and any mates or progeny given to others.


Courtship Ideals

Like apes of old, courtship involves impressing females with gifts of food, flowers, enemy tokens, or a feat of strength. A time period of challenge known as "the contest" for her pairing follows. The female goes into estrus (a heat cycle), which makes her sexually appealing to males. If no man-ape contests the courtship, then pairing can conclude, and they mate for life. If one or more males challenge the courtship, a series of trials are necessary to determine would who be the best fit. Many of these are fatal in scope. Some challenges involve the assassination of rival clans or human settlers.

Relationship Ideals

Man Apes are very protective of their progeny. All younglings are under strict protection for three years. Then they are assigned tasks for the Clan. Any progeny wounded or killed will suffer horrible wrath from the Clan.

GM notes - The Man-Ape is not an official playable race in the Starfinder game, however, it can easily be adapted to this Thundarr world.
Star Saga Ape concept
by Mantic Games
Exiled males are not unheard of being hired as mercs, guards, arena gladiators, crafters, or even companions.
RPG Notes:
The Man-Ape has all the melee weapon proficiencies at their disposal and can wield pistols as well. They have problems with using two-handed guns and suffer penalties (-4) if they must utilize them. Exiled males are generally neutral and if their instinct to overcome loathing of humans can be desensitized/ trained. Treat the Man ape for most Starfinder stats as a Human. However, they can only be Soldiers, Operatives, or Mechanics. They also get a free understanding of sign language and acrobatics.

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