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Lost Estate of Sholow

As you pass through the thickets and dense forests, you discover a massive clearing. A vast sprawling structure that goes beyond what your eyes can see. Nothing like this was ever apparent in the old maps. This incredible structure stands and shows no signs of decay or ruin.

From a quick survey of the structure, your instincts convey that this is a magnificent array of alien terraforming. You could almost discern the partitions and the biodome connective tunnels that unifies them. You stare for a while from your hidden position waiting for the enormous exoskeleton to move. Could this be a dormant beast?  
Silence by Elaine Luo
You hear a groan to your right. Peering out of your secluded position you come across a young human propped up against a large cypress tree. He is going in and out of consciousness. His lower torso is submerged in the shallow muck of swampish water hole. There are bloodstains sprinkled on his shirt.           Save the Boy!
Your heroic instincts kick in and you pull the lad from the foul sewage. He is awake but pale and not in good shape. "Thank you. I'm Peter." he weakly offers his appreciation. "You should have let me die. However, since you are here, you must help my group. They are still in there."
End the Misery
You have seen this play out all too often. The Boy is not long for this world. Why let him linger in agony? The Boy nods in the silent agreement of your intent. You make it quick and pull the body out of a foul septic tank of a grave. At least he deserves a dignified burial. You notice a few items spill out of his pockets in all the commotion.


Thankful Boy
A thankful Peter informs you that he and his group of raiders struck out on their own to help their settlement. They saw this sprawling structure and surmised it was a Wizard Citadel or base. They cautiously approached and discovered no sentries or defense systems were activated, so they concluded it was abandoned. They know of a few Wizards at odds with each other, so it is reasonable to think one of them got defeated and never returned.
Dead Boy Items
  A Data Disc
Sholow Citadel

This is the best we have - all other scout drones were eliminated or destroyed. Be cautious and get out the minute things get hairy.

  A handheld electronic device
Helen - I am sorry for not listening to you.
We got greedy.
We are too stupid to understand that Wizards have tech and traps beyond anything we could overcome.
You will need an entire elite squad to tiptoe through this nightmare.
I failed you. I really did like you and was hoping to start something special with you someday.
- Peter

Find the Survivors

Peter tells you he and five others thought they could make out like bandits on the place. He hands you a map from his pocket. We got as far as those markers, though Kalib's drone managed to survey more. If you recover the drone, I'm sure you can learn more. I think it wasn't too far behind me before it ran out of juice. Tap on my data disc and enter this encryption code for the full intel. He hands you a holographic Data Disc. I have to warn you. If you are not ready for fighting, just help me get back to my base and we shall get reinforcements.


You bury the poor kid's body in a makeshift ditch and some rubble and decide to forge ahead. You can't imagine what could have taken down the scout at this range of 1000 yards, but Wizard Defense structures are potent. About halfway there the desolate surroundings are disrupted with the sounds of sparks and a buzz.Fallen Drone
This small flying buzzer was probably the scouts. You have some reserve power in your belongings and are able to charge it up again. You check the video display to see just what the heck went on.
  You process all that you know and decide to carefully scout what you can without triggering anything. You put in all in the remaning data recorder to take back to the nearest outpost.
Here is what you learned:

Purpose / Function

It a massive network of sections with the intent to house a sizeable population. It pulses with energy suggesting it is a self-sustaining city. The largest biodome or section is on the second story.


The average room size is oval about 600 sq feet. The color is distinct redwood brown with silver-grey chitinous scaffold supports. Flooring is a hard smooth resin that has shades of brown to grey.


Doors that are functioning respond via motion sensor. They slide in and out of the adjacent walls. Windows are there but clouded over as it to prevent someone from viewing the inhabitants of the place.   Most control panels or consoles are on the fritz or malfunctioning. Good Luck trying to get anything to work reliably in there.

Sensory & Appearance

Given what you have seen and heard, the structure somehow is able to dimly illuminate areas. Is it alien power converters? A bioluminescence effect? Or perhaps the former Wizard has the means to keep the lights on until he gets back from whatever war he is involved. The stench of greasy sewer rat or old vomit prevails until you get used to the air. Flies are everywhere given they have plenty of bodies to lay eggs and let maggots feast.   The technology responds to warm touch, some places need a mutant organ like an eye to get through, but it should not be a problem for a decent [url=https://starfinder.dragonlash.com/classes/mechanic/Mechanic.


First few rooms expect to see the common variety of vermin. On occasion wandering Goblines may scurry back and forth in the wall structures or ceilings. Human corpses and robot parts may be strewn about haphazardly. There are other things as well in that video feed. Definitely not of earth.

Contents & Furnishings

You remember Peter mentioned they were looking to loot the place for anything of significance. However, they only got so far before it all went to hell. The drone vids show some busted up furniture, barrels of goo or who knows what, and some tools carried by drone or Gobline workers. The Sentries or defense systems have hand weapons and some automated firepower, so be on the watch for that.


Any Wizard stronghold is a place worth raiding. They can provide weapons, rations, intelligence, technology. All important stuff if we are to beat back these bastards once and for all.

Hazards & Traps

The hazards of the chitinous defense systems are numerous. Peter mentioned they could only get through a few rooms. The things that Wizards was experimenting on are a mess if they get a bead on you. They have defended the ever-growing haven for quite some time it looks like.

Special Properties

Given the map you have and what is before you, the place is expanding at a phenomenal rate. No Goblines hardnose or high tech robot is capable of building these done rooms so fast. This is .. malignant... Or a terraforming virus went out of control. You suspect a bioconverting nanite hiccup and a missing Overlord is why this monstrosity is taken over the area like cancer.


The materials of the exterior walls and foundations are durable and new. They are resistant to heat, acid, and conventional projectiles. If penetrated or pierced, the fragments reveal a thick casing with hard, fibrous material. Biochitin would be a suitable term to describe the contents of the structure. If analyzed microscopically, one can find dividing cellular structures. The building is composed of natural or part biological material.


The eerie alien beauty of its design reminds observers of the great alien spacecraft that broke up and bombarded the Earth. It is fortified with metallic elements that are highly resistant to erosive weather, conventional projectiles and rust. The structure has been expanding although no one can tell how without venturing inside.


Once a haven of the Wizard Sholow - Wizard of the Broken Helm of Power this nightmarish structure is an experiment in terraforming gone wild. The owner has abandoned the structure for reasons unknown. That should make any traveler shudder to consider.

Fallen Drone Video Feed

You manage to check out some disturbing footage from inside this structure:
The scouting team found the structure around 2140

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