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From Demon Dogs to the Lords of Light

Thundarr the Barbarian is not a man of culture or student of ancient writings so why do the two most common expressions in his vernacular speak of these things?    
Demon Dogs!
— Thundarr
Demon Dogs! There are multiple origins and stories, but among the last recordings we recovered before all went dark was from this smart home in the Chicago suburbs.   Unzip ancient datafile
The legend goes as the impacts crashed into various regions of the planet, radiation levels spiked in numerous places. Those closest to the large fragments suffered mortal radiation death within hours. Most survivors were miles from the crash sites. However, it became apparent the most merciful thing was immediate death. Reports of our closest companions going raving mad and turning on us were ramping up. Children were instructed to avoid all canines, even those looking innocent and helpless.
  Unzip ancient datafile two
No one knew how or when our domesticated friends would turn. The instinct to protect erased. The bloodlust of the pack set in. They seemed to attack as if rabid. Revaccination programs flopped miserably. People lamented the sudden shift of their beloved friends. Many even claimed there was a diabolical possession. The first term seeded into the culture- Damned Dogs. A few people managed to preserve some footage of their pets becoming something else.


A great rift took place. Man was already reeling from the cataclysm. His most faithful companion for thousands of years has all but abandoned him. Survival drove them into conflict. Humans were rapidly running out of food and dog meat was an acceptable food source. Man gets hungry and eats anything that is not human. Dogs start running in packs occasionally merging with wolves or anything resembling the canine species. Dogs eat anything they can.


In normal circumstances, humans would win this natural clash, but the new playing field is hostile. Humans were dropping like flies, and it was not uncommon to see a pack of feral dog hybrids scrapping over a carcass of a child or a tumor laden corpse. The forefathers of our human settlements did what they could. They saved who they could, but all too often a pack of four-legged things would raid a chicken coop, bust through an old barn to slaughter farm animals or worse, snatch a baby from its crib in the dark of night.

More accounts of the Damned dogs spread.

The term "Damned Dogs" evolved to mean your death is looming. The reference captured the common event of the time. Wounded or sick humans being hunted or preyed upon by the packs from the shadows.

Shortly after that, a generation changed the term again because of the alien emergence. The Wizards, monsters, mutants, and other hostiles spread over the planet like unwanted weeds. People that harbored whatever faith they had left were calling it the End times, and they claim that the Devil was among them. The Wizards and alien things were often categorized as demonic.

They were not far from the truth. Wizards, mutants, and invasive alien species ravaged outposts and havens recovering from the cataclysm. The remnants of governments and military organizations were eliminated by technology never seen before. All civilized areas were taken over by the powerful Wizards and the humans rounded up and enslaved. The Demon Dogs, or Wizard oppressors, committed atrocities that no one could describe without breaking down into despair.
The days of the Demon Dogs grew into seasons and by all expectations, may become an era.

It didn't take much time, a generation or so, when the term moved into a form of slang to describe any adversity or general curse. The once vulgar four letter sexual references to convey general disappointment, foul temperament or simply fury were long gone. Now the culture that once glorified sex for pleasure has been sanitized to terms like breeding and pair mating. Thus, the expressions moved to what Thundarr and others like him now use - Demon Dogs.


As the boulder crushed his means of escape, the man cried out, "Demon Dogs!"
The slaughter of his family invoked a fiery response, "You Demon Dogs! I will have my revenge!"
The weather harangued them like Demon Dogs.


Demon Dogs(2135) - a slang term to convey alarm, rage, disappointment or describe a foul mood.
Synonym (2019): Aw, Shit!
Lords of Light!
— Thundarr the Lords of Light This phrase evolved from the religions of old. Old sayings and writings speak of some divine Lord of humanity. All texts are hard to come by these days. Especially since Wizards prevent any form of worship unless it is of them.
A recovered file speaks of beings of pure light manifesting to the ancient humans with prophecies and essential messages.   What those prophecies and messages were is still unknown. So much has been lost. So under the secret campfires of outpost encampments or the depths of prison pens of Wizard cities whisper stories of the Lords of Light. These tales bring amazement and wonder to the hopeful. It is therefore understood when the phrase "Lords of Light" is used; it is more or less an expression of awe, wonder, or amazement.


Lords of Light (2135) - to convey the sense of awe, amazement, or surprise.   By the Lords of Light have you seen what has happened?
The Wounds healed miraculously and the man exclaimed "Lords of Light!"

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