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Flying Mounts

Cover Mounting He'Goh by Xabier Urrutia
He who takes the skies takes what he wants! Mazam
  Some mutated or alien hybrid creatures have been spotted recently. A few have been compliant with training. Unfortunately, the resources and workforce to capture and domesticate these creatures are quite significant. However, our scouts and settlement advisors have compiled a listing of domesticated flying creatures and what is necessary to give the trainer a chance of acquiring a severe advantage in this hostile world.   Wizards have also domesticated some of these beasts so be wary of skies!  

Giant Mammals

  Leatherwing (Pictured in Cover)  

Menacing winged rats that can dive, glide, and provide reliable air mobility if necessary in combat. The larger Leatherwings carry a man-sized human easily, but 50% more weight causes significant movement issues. The Raiders of the Abyss managed to tame a nest of these beasts to terrorize local villages and settlements.


Supersized Insects

Insects are sensitive in their development. No one knows when imprinting exactly takes place, but a trainer needs to be feeding and caring for a larval stage for many months or else the insect goes feral. Yondo the Magician successfully captured and trained a Skydragon.   Image Dragonfly created by Herckeim on Deviant Art              


    Armored tanks of the skies, these sturdy creatures have been used by mutant traders and mercenaries to protect caravans. Typically trained maneuvers of the Beetlebombers involve guarding or escorting a prized item or person. They can take lots of indirect damage and can inflict physical harm to those who seek closer combat.          

Alien Avian Species

image by Brent Hollowell   Some creatures have no official classification. The interbreeding of alien and native birds usually do not produce viable progeny, but on rare occasion, we discover a few.   Above is a bird-like mutant called Yeek, by a young tamer named Merlik the Sorceror. The creature is quite large and two humans are travel on its back. It is clumsy but loyal.

Additional Information


For all intents and purposes, the common creatures such as Horses have similar rules for capacity as in other AD&D systems.          

The Leatherwings and Skydragons are treated as Ponies in regards to carrying capacity rules. The Beetlebombers are treated as Warhorses. The mutant types like Yeek are also treated like Warhorses.
Gaming thoughts: Aerial Combat on mounts is not a feature I have completely fleshed out. So I am going to offer guides for those that insist on using it. Things from AD&D systems to consider - Mounted Combat Please note this system is different from flying vehicles and ships. That aspect of the world will be explained in the Vehicles section.

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