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Fluff-Trap Tree

Despite the name, This Species is actually a virus, "Fluff-Trap Virus", Which can invade and take over most trees. When the virus finds a tree, it begins to duplicate itself, and when there are enough of the virus, it begins the process of turning it into a "Fluff-Trap Tree". The process starts with many small tendrils, similar to roots, growing out along the surface, roughly covering a 3 meter radius around the base of the tree. next, white fluff grows out from the roots, and eventually creates a blanket, from there it can thicken up to 20 centimeters. while the fluff thickens, thin tendrils begin to branch out from the main tendrils. these tendrils are venomous, said venom being produced in the trunk of the tree. finally, the white fluff begins to excrete hormones to lure in prey, and make them tired. Animals are easy to fool, and will happily fall asleep on the soft fluff. unfortunately for these animals, they won't be waking up, as the hormones from the fluff will keep them asleep indefinitely. when the tree senses it has caught prey, it will begin to burrow it's thin venomous tendrils into the animal, eventually killing it, and slowly drain as many resources from the corpse as possible. Additionally, white fluff will grow over the corpse to prevent scaring off potential prey. These trees usually only last up to a year, at which point they begin to undergo a drastic transformation. Its branches will drop their leaves, and curve upwards, where it will begin to grow pustules at the ends of each branch, filled with the virus. these pustules will slowly expand, until eventually the branch can longer support them, and they crash to the ground, bursting open and spreading out. when this is done, the tree will begin to die, the venom in it's trunk will be released and surrounding trees will be killed. While this tree is very effective against animals, people aren't nearly as susceptible, and use this tree for profit. The fluff the tree produces has multiple uses, it can be used to create incredibly comfortable bedding. additionally, they can be used to make "sleep charms": the sleep inducing hormones within the fluff could be kept, and a compressed lump of it could help sleep easy, and without a high enough concentration to put you into a coma. The venom is also incredibly effective, and commonplace in assassinations. Harvesting the fluff from these trees is a lot harder than one would think, as it must be carefully separated from the tendrils it grows from, or it could fall apart. harvesting an entire trees worth of fluff could take months. as such, using this fluff as bedding is a show of wealth among nobility. Sleep charms made from the fluff are much more commonplace, as harvesting the materials for them doesn't require nearly as much care. Despite their grim nature, these plants are often used as icons of comfort, and rest. An apt example would be the "Fluff-Trap Inn", which uses the trees Fluff in it's beds.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
6 Apr, 2021 22:23

This sounds like a very cool "plant"! I really like the idea and the way people reacted to it and just decided to sleep on it XD   Some notes I took while reading the article:   How does the tree senses that an animal has been trapped? Can it feel stuff? Or maybe detect the weight if the animal sleeps on top of it?   Does the hormone work on any animal or are some immune? What about insects? Ah I see that you say that it's not as efficient on humans.   When the tree dies and releases it's venom you say that it kills nearby trees. They just die off? They don't get contaminated? How does the virus spread in that case?   It's fun that people see this terrible carnivorous thing and thought "oh, this will make a nice bed!" XD   I imagine if they are not very careful separating the tendrils from the fluff, the tendril could wrap around the person sleeping and digest them… That would be a potentially interesting "accident".   A small note about the presentation of the article: having one big paragraph of text is rather hard to read. It would help If you add paragraph breaks and subheadings (like "Biology" and "Uses"). Also be careful about using capitalisation at the start of your sentence as this also helps make the reading easier.

To see what I am up to, my latest article is Geography of magic for the River Challenge
10 Apr, 2021 00:23

Nice idea to have a virus use a normal tree for its own ends. The way it lures and traps the animals in its fluff is quite original. I myself would however not want to sleep on a bed of it knowing what it is xp   As Amélie mentioned the text is just one block now so be sure to make use of headers and paragraphs to improve layout :)

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17 Apr, 2021 14:53

I swear, rich people... Using a lifethreatening thing to show off.   A small note for you: Single-enters don't display on WorldAnvil, you'd have to use
to force one. It's better to do double-enters, those help readability and WorldAnvil actually displays them.

17 Apr, 2021 15:23

Use [ br ] (but without the spaces)