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Capitol of Grabloff

The Capital of Grabloff sits on the border of Juteland and Nederland, on a low spur of the great Tolak mountain. It has the Imperial Courthouse, The Emperors Palace and the Tombs of the Kings, a Grand Barrow and garden for the Imperial house and its closest servants.   The city has an elliptical, shape. The West district is where the bulk of the population live. On the south side a small area below the Palace is designated the Grand Mall. Dwarves from Tolak sell their minerals and goods there and Humans bring food and textiles in exchange. The East District is dominated by the Tombs of the Kings. The North district is the military Complex.   At the center of this city sits the Imperial Citadel. It is a semi natural plateau on top of a the ridge running from the south east. From west to east three buildings dominate the grounds.   First is the Imperial Courthouse, 5 stories tall with a large arch running through it. It has a north wing and a south wing. In the North Wing representatives from the three Great Jarls meet and represent their absent lords. There is also the Grand Council Chamber for the Bi-yearly Jarlsmeet. In the South Wing are several court rooms as well as the Privy Council Chamber for the Emperors day to day business.   Second is the Imperial Palace, the tallest structure in the city. Its brazen shingles make it shine on a sunny day. It's layout is like a cross-like, with a tower at each end point. At it's highest gable it stands 7 stories.   The Third and easternmost building is The Queens-hall. Here is the site of the Womens Court, made up of the wives of the Thanes in Hogkunghall. It is presided over by the Oldest Imperial Wife, often the Empress Dowager. It stands 3 stories high.


60% Human, 30% Dwarven, 5% Elvish descent, 5% Other


Elected and Emperor approved Burgomaster.


The shear amount of water flowing into the city has created a series of whitewater moats. High Stone walls are built into the city grounds giving it a terraced look. The Imperial Palace sits at the center of this city


Cobbled Streets, Civic Nightsoil carting, Dwarvish Aqueduct system.


The palace fountains are plentiful and spectacular.
Large city

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