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Augers and Seers

Excrept from a Oxcartly scholars notes.
While fortune tellers are readily available to try and swindle a fellow of his money, there are a few individuals in the world that have a very real sense of predestination. These are the seers(humans, dwarves, halflings) and augers(elves, gnomes).   Though they are able to chart a path of good fortune, they are limited in their prescience; they move in the direction of obtaining their deepest desires, subconsciencly looking for the best possible choices to obtain their goals.   Seers are incredibly rare, a mutation that is hard to track and even harder to detect. Sometimes seers are born with golden eyes, a mark of their gift, though there is some debate on that.   Augers are somewhat more known. Elves learned of the gene and its properties frome the gnomes, back in the golden age. Since then, augers have fulfilled the role of chief advisors and scouts to the elven sanctuaries. Telai augers are perhaps the most visible to the general worldwide community.

Note fron N.M.   Circumstantial to the article; this scholar knows little of the temporal aspect of the Weave. Both an auger and a seer sense the passage of time and can sense the incoming threats. That's true. But in seers this is relative to the area they stand in and is more sensational. A seer can detect the coldness of the winter to come and can sense echos of future calamity. With the right drugs they can even hallucinate the future. But they cannot detect the threads of fate.   Augers sense the threads, specifically the threads of those they care about. They know how to guide and walk a path best suited for the lives they are invested in. Augers are perfect for the nomadic elves and the burrowing gnomes, detecting future obstacles and threats with ease.   I'm capable of seeing the wider Weave as it is laid out. Using the Keystone I received from Lord Greystone, I was able to unlock my full potential. I have looked into the unwritten future and done the work that the gods neglect.   I hate the Weaver. I do his dirty work.

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