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Night Prince


  The Night Price is a powerful (and often controversial) figure in the Unseelie Court. Even among the more callous fae, he is regarded as especially malevolent.   He often appears as a tall male humanoid, clad in black plate wrought with barbed vines. While his face is typically covered by an antlered helm, he is rumoured to be exceptionally beautiful, like other members of fae royalty.  

In-Game Events

Summoning the Night Prince to the mortal realm is a difficult task. He does not have any specific rites or rituals, instead drawing power from the perversion of worship to other Fae. This is was accidentally achieved when Tiana Arkadian killed a mortal child during the Dance of the Winter Queen.       First Encounter   Once summoned, the Night Prince brought forth a host of shadow-crows to attack the bystanders at Silverpeak Institute. The party were able to fend off the birds and get most of the crowd to safety.
The prince was struck with a Lightning Bolt spell from Andros Hemfurt which was powerful enough to break off a section of the prince's breast plate, revealing a translucent skeletal form beneath.  The prince flung a retaliatory bolt, which Andros managed to evade through cover.  Unfortunately Odafe Astoria was in close proximity and caught the attack at full force, severely wounding him and momentarily stopping his heart. In the ensuing panic, the prince retreated on his Nightmare steed.
Status: Alive (Immortal)
  Race: True Fae
  Class: Unknown
  Allies: Siobhan

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