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Trauma Plums

The Trauma Prunus is a dangerous plant originating from the [northern empire]. it is uncertain what exactly the fruits do to the brain; Only that those who smell its paralyzing gas enter immediate shock.

It is a terrifying experience as it is no experience at all. As if death captured you, and before it let you go, it took everything away."

  • A Tzuderic soldier to The Minister Of Spears.
  • Basic Information


    plum trees are medium-sized, usually pruned to 5–6 meters height. The tree is of medium hardiness. The trees can reach 12 meters in height and spread across 10 meters. Fruits are medium size, between 2 and 7 centimeters in diameter, globose to oval. The flesh is purple, firm and juicy. The fruit's peel is smooth, with a natural waxy surface that adheres to the flesh which surrounds a single hard seed. on the fruit there is a green circle with a black dot in the middle creating the shape of an eye.

    Additional Information

    Uses, Products & Exploitation

    Medical anesthesia, Sleeping granades and traps.

    Geographic Origin and Distribution

    Can only be grown in the [Eternal night]
    Scientific Name
    Prunus - Magika
    2 years
    Average Height
    3 - 4 cm
    Average Weight
    30 - 50 g
    Average Length
    1 - 2 cm

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