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Enchanted Wasps

The creatures of nightmares. As if a hive of wasps chasing you wasn't horrible enough, those hellish monsters can bend elements to their will. Every hive controls a single element, so when it rushes you, those wasps create a wall of deadly magic that follows them. Truly one of the most terrifying creatures the world has to offer.

Basic Information


Enchanted wasps have a hard exoskeleton which protects their three main body parts, the head, the mesosoma (including the thorax and the first segment of the abdomen) and the metasoma. There is a narrow waist, the petiole, joining the first and second segments of the abdomen. The two pairs of membranous wings are held together by small hooks and the forewings are larger than the hind ones

Additional Information

Social Structure

Hive mind

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The enchanted wasp can only be found in the garden of flying spirits.
Scientific Name
Vespula Magika
The Garden Of Flying Wraiths
Average Weight
84 mg
Average Length
body - 1.5 cm, wing span - 3 cm

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