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The Dust Plains, United States

Art by: Daniel Dana
Loud engines roar as dust particles fly through the air, the beaming sun on the Roamer's back. Behind him is the blaring engine of two more dune buggies cruising through the smooth sand. All around the Roamer are empty buildings, decayed vehicles, and remnants of the past that resemble the old world. Rumors say that much of the Dust Plains has already been looted, but many think it's a myth. Striking gold or finding old technology drives people to roam the Dust Plains. Some live there by choice, while some live there to avoid the law. Whether you're there to earn some cash, adventure, or hide as a fugitive, it's evident that you're down on your luck.   In the early 2020s, much of midwest America had begun to see several waves of dust storms, wildfires, and dry seasons. The never-ending onslaught of bad weather ravaged crops and farmland. Farmers called their government for support, but there was only so much they could do. A mass migration west forced many western states to take in farmers and factory workers. A population crisis emerged from the mass migration, resulting in many streets being filled with the homeless.   California, Oregon, and Washington called on their president to fund their bill that'd allow for the construction of several apartment blocks and infrastructure that could house the new refugees. The U.S. government declined and instead placed its money elsewhere. This decline resulted in the formation of the WST, or the West Coast Tripartite. These three states effectively left the United States to better themselves. The decision to leave was seen by many to be a treacherous act, but none could deny how the government has historically ignored the west coast.   So what remains of the midwest is a ravaged, dust storm-torn region of the United States that is lawless with little to nobody living in the area. Those who remained in the region banded together to form small groups known only as 'Roamers.' People who venture into the Dust Plains to loot what remains and bring it back to the other states to sell. Old refugees even pay some Roamers to venture back into the states to gather what was once theirs.   In 2048, most of the Dust Plains have been looted with little remains; however, there's always that tiny chance you might score big.
Many Roamers have decided to band together under one flag, some even believing that the faction is just called 'Roamers,' though it's only half true. The majority ofRoamers tend to stay in their small, scrappy band of looters.

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