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The Kuun are large herbivore animals that live in the frozen tundra that resemble extremely large, shaggy goats. They are commonly domesticated, herded and ridden by The Zantal, and are a central to their lifestyle and economy.

Basic Information


The Kuun resemble large muscular goats. They are slightly taller and wider than horses and have massive horns. Their defining feature is their incredibly shaggy wool that covers their entire body, similar to a sheep dog.

Genetics and Reproduction

Kuun mothers are often pregnant for about 12 months before giving birth to a single child.

Growth Rate & Stages

Kuun live for a very long time and raised from childhood by young Zantalians. They are the size of a large dog at birth, but after only about two years it is able to be ridden by a single rider. After about ten years it reaches its full size and strength, able to carry massive loads of up to 400 lbs.

Ecology and Habitats

The Kuun are native to the Northern Tundra. Their extremely plentiful and shaggy wool allows them to survive in incredibly low temperatures and their large size has rendered them stronger than the majority of predators in the North. It's flat teeth allow it to chew and digest the hard, long grasses that grow in the North.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Kuun are herbivores, primarily eating the long grasses that grow in the tundra, occasionally eating a bush or shrub. The majority of Kuun are domesticated and are thus lead from grass patch to grass patch by The Zantal, so they have no need to hunt for food themselves.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Before they were domesticated, the Kuun were herd animals that moved as a pack. When they would be attacked, the adult males would circle around the females and children to form a nearly impenetrable shield. They help along injured, elderly or sick herd members, further demonstrating their oddly compassionate nature.


The majority of Kuun have been domesticated by Zantal Tribes. They were not difficult to domesticate, as they naturally move from grass patch to grass patch in a herd, leading many to joke that they were the ones who domesticated the Zantal, as this the pattern that most tribes follow. However, the Zantal have turned the Kuun into riding animals and beasts of burden. Some tribes have turned them into cavalry for conquest reason, but this is usually ineffective, as it runs counter to the Kuun's peaceful and slow moving nature.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Kuun provide The Zantal with many resources. They are used primarily as beasts of burden that help the Zantal to move from one place to the next, carrying all of their supplies and act as transportation for the tribes. They also provide warm wool that makes up most of the Zantalian clothes. They can also be used for leather, meat and milk, although these are usually only harvested in desperate situations when food is low or the tribe has too many Kuun to support, as they are incurably hardy and rarely die.

Facial characteristics

Most of the Kuun's face is covered by shaggy hair, although you can see its large black eyes through the hair. When the hair is shaved or trimmed it resembles a very large goat.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Kuun are found in massive numbers North of the Tun-gal river that marks the start of the Northern Tundra. They live all throughout the region, however, the majority are domesticated and travel with Zantal tribes.

Average Intelligence

The Kuun are about as intelligent as a horse, able to follow commands issued by riders and are capable of basic problem solving
50 years
Average Height
6 to 7 feet tall
Average Weight
2,750-3,000 lbs
Average Length
8 to 9 feet
Average Physique
Most Kuun grow to be incredibly bulky and strong. A shaved Kuun is a striking sight as it is incredibly muscular.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most Kuun are covered in white shaggy hair, although grey and brown Kuun are not uncommon and some tribes have bred their Kuun so they are all brown or grey. Colored Kuun are typically seen as more valuable, though this is only due to their rarity.

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