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Farraige is called the Jewel of Talamh and is a center for trade along Talamh's coastline. The state runs along most of Talamh's coastline, and is marked by inlets, rivers, fishing villages, towns and cities. Ships from across the world are common sight in the ports, and conversations in different tongues fill the air as cargo and passage are bartered and haggled. While Farraige does not have the agriculture or industry of other states, it's control of the coast has made it very wealthy but also a frequent target of pirates who target the villages and towns for raids. The people of Farraige are often viewed by outsiders as stuck-up, arrogant and corrupt, but that in truth only represents a portion of Farraige's wealthiest residents. The average citizen of Farraige is just as hard a worker as the rest of Talamh's people, and frequently more colorful due to a livelihood earned on the sea.   The Capital of Farraige is the city of Saibhreas, from which Duke Maccus Deilfoir the V rules. Duke Maccus can trace his lineage back to the earliest days of the High Kingdom and his family has been known for their loyalty to the throne. The duke is even distantly related to the Royal Family, a fact he's quite proud of. He is a skilled ruler, and was one of the founding members of the Noble's Coalition to depose the Viceroy. Now that the coalition has fallen apart, the Duke sees himself as the only true successor to the throne and has begun gathering his strength to prepare and fight for it.    Still rebuilding after the Starfall, Farraige's resources have been stretched thin by a surge in attacks from sea raiders. Pirates target ships and the coast line for plunder, while slavers hunt for captives to sell in far off ports. Many of these Sea Raiders are secretly funded by rival nations; Ghawlland, Seodra, even the Dragon Cities. Now that Talamh has fractured and its responses less coordinated, the attacks have become bolder and deadlier.


As a coastal territory, Farraige is known for wide stretches of flat sandy beaches broken up by rivers and inlets. Villages and towns are spread out along the coast line while Farraige's (and Talamh's) port cities are built on the major rivers. Further inland the ground remains flat but the sand gives way to loose soil that is of marginal quality for farming.   The capital of Farraige, Saibhreas, is built straddling the great river that divides Talamh. It's control over this river and the trade and ships that pass through it have made it the wealthiest city in all of Talamh.

Natural Resources

Farraige's greatest resource is the sea. Ships from around the world bring their cargo and passengers to Farraige and it's people supplement their meals with what they can harvest from the waters.

Owning Organization
The High Kingdom of Talamh

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