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5A. 709

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The High King of Talamh is Dead. Long live the High King.   The High Kingdom of Talamh is on the brink of war as disaster strikes. The Usurper, Viceroy Guy has been removed from the throne by an Alliance of Nobles and Warriors, only to watch as the land was devastated by a reign of fire now called the Starfall. Unable to agree on who should claim the throne and lead, the Alliance has fractured and its members now prepare for war. In the North, General Lyonesse rallies her men while she "guards" the Crown Prince Owyn. In the South, Duke Maccus the V makes alliances as he prepare his own campaign for the crown with a claim by blood. And in the west, the popular warrior knight Sir Galyvn has gathered the support of the people as he looks to build a shining kingdom for all.   Beyond the borders of the High Kindom, more threats rise. In the Occupied Canghellor, Canghellorate rebels launch ruthless and bloody attacks slaughtering Talamhic miners, settlers and merchants. The neighboring but greedy, Iimbraturi dwarves see the Talamh's chaotic state as an opportunity to leech the poor and downtrodden of all their hard earned coin at every chance. The barbarian tribes of the Koraha Wastes cross the border to raid with impunity, the Legions of Ghawland muster in their fortresses, Sithichan spies plot in the shadows of every city and word of more dangers threaten to cross the Cailte Sea.   When the Fourth Age ended over 700 years ago, the sages declared the new age as The Age of Heroes. It remains to be seen, what kind of heroes will rise during these turbulent times.