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Cathairri is the central territory and capital city of Talamh. It is built on a river and surrounded by good farmland, and a few mines and quarries. The resources and the central location, made it the ideal spot to build the capital of the High Kingdom on. As the seat of power for the High King and Royal Family, it became the place to be across Tuaid and even the world. Nobles looking to prove themselves or rise, and dignitaries from foreign nations, all convened and made homes in Cathairri, hoping to gain an audience and the High King's blessings.   Unfortunately, Cathairri has come under hard times recently. After the death of King Airic, Guy Pointhur was named regent. The corruption in the Viceroy's court led to the Coalition of Nobles challenging him openly. Fighting devastated the city, and the Viceroy destroyed more to cover his escape. Afterward, the Coalition took power and established an interim government but the rain of fire known as the Star Fall caused even more damage, undoing all the work and repairs the people had made. Shortly afterwards, the interim government collapsed and the coalition dissolved leaving Cathairri on its own.   Today, much of the city is still in ruins and poverty. Without the High King, the city has no direct ruler and the Crown Prince is currently under the protection and control of General Lyonesse in distant Laochra. The people of Cathairri are focused on rebuilding and protecting themselves. They know that anyone who truly wants to rule the High Kingdom, will have to claim Cathairri and the throne. Concerned that the city will become a battleground for the throne yet again, they're preparing themselves for whatever armies may arrive.


Most of Cathairri is simple fields and open plains stretching as far as the eye can see. Settlements are built along the major thoroughfares, which stretch outwards from the capital city of Cathairri at the heart and center of the the territory.   The city of Cathairri is built along the Priomh Lake, which many consider to be a dividing line between East Tuaid and West Tuaid. Towards the north and eastern borders of Cathairri the open fields give way to more rolling hills and stones as quarries and mines begin to pop up.

Natural Resources

Cathairri has a variety of resources that supported the duchy; a number of mines that provided stone and metals, forests that provided timber, farmlands and fisheries that fed its people. All of these were badly damaged during the battles between the coalition and the viceroy, as well as the later star fall. Coupled with the fact that the duchy has been without a legitimate ruler for a few years now and its people are struggling to get by.

Owning Organization
The High Kingdom of Talamh

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