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The Prophecy of the Nine

Spoken by a ghostly man during a private performance for the King of Dnul and his guests which included the council of mages and the high council nobles. The man shocked those in attendance as it seemed to be an image of the late Mage Lord Jutre who was killed in Bifang a few years ago.   Jutre was not known for a skill in Prophecy and many that heard the words believe it to be some cruel trick that was part of the cirrus show. The King and his council of mages believed otherwise as they saw the fear in Jutre's eyes as he spoke. There was a look of desperation in his eyes. The mages began at once to try and understand what his message meant, yet they are still trying to work most of it out.     "Hail the crowns and those around.   Listen to these words and sound.   For what I speak in Prophecy.   Has been, will come for all to see.   When clouds obscure winter's breath   the land escapes permanent death.   As flowers bloom in fields of Gold   things appear from Days of Old.   Dragon Bearer shall join the Archer of the Moon.   Here it comes, the end is soon.     Together with Child of Flame   to quest again in Destiny's name.   Season turn and green renews   Please good sirs, hear this news.   The Daughter of the Sun shall with healing thought   End a darkness about Silvered Claw.     All dressed in White the chosen of the Guardian will be   As time it is for people to see.   The yellow-eyed seer shall mark the route   With wolven friend in hot pursuit.   All bound in chains by Fates hand   And the key makes Nine!     Journey forth intrepid friends   And seek that on which all depends.   Find the way, find the key.   A fool in his quest to be free.     Entwined about the one they are   In temples heart an ending stands   The fate of all in their hands   How it ends who can tell   I myself hope, very well."


Kept a secret by the royal court as the meaning is being studied by the council of mages. Rumor of its telling has spread among the local population of Transway.
Date of First Recording
During the visit to the travelling cirrus
Date of Setting
Still to occur

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