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INTRODUCTION TO DNUL It has been 1000 years since the war of conquest, which brought Valour, The first human King of Dnul, to the throne. He took this position by forcing the Moon Elven princess Te'zen to marry him granting his children the power of the Dragon Magic's. He also made sure that part of the agreement was that none of his children would ever have any elven features; if she had refused he would have wiped out all the Elves and Dragons. As it was only elves under the age of 200 were allowed to survive.   The remaining Dragons had already fled to escape the slaughter. Now there are only 4 Dragons remaining, a mated pair and their two offspring, and they hide from everyone except the guardian. The Nekos were enslaved after their King was killed, there are rumours that an heir to the Neko throne survived but that has never been proven as no King ever came forward.   Now war threatens again! The Empire is hostile towards Dnul and would nothing love more than to see all of Dnul's people killed or even worse Enslaved. The hour of darkness is at hand. With the heir of Dnul a woman and the King now dead, by strange means concerning the Elves, can the people sort out their difficulties before the evil empire, led by the Word Speaker, attacks.... Can the heir be found in time?     ITS FATE IS IN YOUR HANDS... AND THE GATE STANDS OPEN!