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Silver Oak

The Silver Oak is a tree that is found only in the Transway Forest. The wood is highly prized as this is used by the council of mages. Common use of this product is prohibited under the agreement of "the accord".   The Wood Elves provide the raw wood to the woodworkers approved by the council of mages in seasonal batches. This allows them to be able to continue to use the tree as a part of their own rituals. It also provides the Wood Elves with a source of income they otherwise wouldn't have access to.   The bark of the tree is silver in color and gives the tree its name. The silver wood can harness the magic of the land greater than other types of Oak, the exception to this being Black Oak, which is said to be extinct.   The flowers of Silver Oak are white, and fall like blossom at the end of spring. They can be made into wreathes, and symbolize the coming of age in Elven society.   The fruits of Silver Oak are small acorns that are nearly pure silver in color with a brown cap. These acorns are highly toxic without the correct ritual preparation, in which they can then be used to increase the libido and cause hallucinations if too many are taken at once.

History & Usage


Silver Oak was first used by the Wood Elves, but when the humans "discovered" it they found it had magical properties.

Everyday use

It is used for the production of mage wands, which are presented to each mage by the council of mages when they complete the mage quest.

Cultural Significance and Usage

The Wood Elves use Silver Oak in their rituals to the Goddess Val'wei and it was used to make one of the three staffs of royalty. Only one Silver Oak staff is in existence, and only "the accord" prevents any more being made.   The flowers adorn elven maidens on the day of their coming of age.   The fruit was traditionally used during the feasts of Val'wei to enhance the chances of reproduction due to its effect on increasing the libido.


For Silver Oak to be used it needs to be processed by a woodworker who knows how to handle magical items. Training for this is provided by the council of mages, and is usually kept in house.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

The flowers and fruits of this tree can be used in magical potions.

Reusability & Recycling

This item can not be reused.
Woody yet a subtle hint of apple

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