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Denton Transvaal

Name: Lord Denton Transvaal   Title: Seneschal of Transway Castle   Age: 54   Hair Color: Brown   Eye Color: Dark Brown   Species: Human   Occupation: Seneschal   Family: Arron (Brother) Byron (Nephew)   Background: Born to a minor branch of the Transvaal family, Denton spent most of his childhood and teenage years making himself useful to the 'greater' nobles that gathered in and around Transway Castle. In the process, he picked up a good deal of practical information about the size and strength of the various noble houses.   He was thrust into the role of Head of House when his nephew Byron Transvaal was killed by the young Lord Keallen Trueheart, This occurred during an incident at the joint Transvaal/Arbez gem mine located just outside Allebasi to the north near the overhang.   Arron Transvaal retreated back to Adnileb to avoid the scandal surrounded by his sons death and named Denton as head of the house. He specializes in the slave trade, as well as running a paper mill and book outlet out of Adnileb.   Denton agreed to the position as long as he didn't have to oversee the family's slave trade. Arron agreed and continues to run this from the Adnileb estate.   When the previous seneschal died, his father of the same name, Denton was more than capable of demonstrating this knowledge to both King Lemayne and the Lord Rambert (who was approached because Denton knew fine well who was REALLY in control of the court.)   While he is not overly fond of anyone within the royal court, he is a skilled actor, and is more than capable of appearing to be loyal to half a dozen different factions at the same time. His true loyalty, however, remains identical to that which it has always been - himself. It is that level of self-interest which has simultaneously made him almost indispensable to the Royal Court and given him a position which, while lacking in impressive-sounding titles, is nonetheless one which allows him to wield considerable power.

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