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Cheetya Ironfist

                            Name (Adoptive): Cheetya   Family Name (Adoptive): Ironfist (Note: NOT widely known outside Ironhold)   True Name: Puar Shadowclaw (Note: NOT known at All, even by Cheetya)   Origin: The village of Ffurrit (Unknown to All)   Height: 4'9"   Fur color: Pale Yellow with Black Spotted Markings (Markings are similar to Real Earth Snow Leopards), White Fur on hands up to mid Forearms   Eye color: Varies depending on Mood, Usually a Piercing Icy Blue   Physical Age: 19 (True age unknown, assumed to be early to mid 20's due to records found at the Tri University in Lord Jutre's private office.)   Apparent Age: 9   Gender: Male   Race: Plains Neko (Free)   Occupation: Soldier (Attached to 1st Ironhold Regiment - Based at Ironhold Barracks)   Military Rank: Lieutenant (Brevet Position - Pending Approval in Transway)   Weapons/Possessions: Basic Dirk and Short sword   Clothing: Durable Shirt and Trousers (Adapted to allow Tail through), Old Threadbare Uniform Jacket (Dark Green, almost Black - Missing all Decorative Pieces including Rank Insignia)   Personality: Tries to stay in the background as much as possible, willing to take charge if the situation calls for decisive action   Likes: Family   Dislikes: Slavery, People in Positions that they have not earned through Merit, Politicians     Special Abilities:  
  • Rapid Healing Rate (Including Arrested Rate of Aging - Permanently Stuck as Appearing as 9 Year Old Neko as a Result)
  • Elemental Magic (Racial Trait: Unknown - Totally Untrained)
  • Rapid Adaptive Tactical Analysis (Ability from Project "Overlord" - Ability to quickly piece together Information in a "Combat" Situation, usable both in planning and in direct Combat)
  • Mizhivy's Presence (Augments existing Abilities - Provides some advise, however Mizhivy currently suffers from Total Amnesia and has no idea of who, or what, he is. Believes he may be an Alternative Personality of Cheetya and can take charge of Cheetya's Body if Cheetya is incapacitated)
  •   Background:   Cheetya was born in the village of Ffirrut with 6 of his siblings. When they were still young they were captured by Lord Jutre for his experiments under "Project Overload."   Cheetya was the only survivor of Project Overload at the time of Jutre's death. He escaped and made his way to Ironhold with no knowledge of his past. He crashed through the roof of the Ironhold barracks, and was taken into the care of General Ironfist, his son Thomas named the Neko "Cheetya" and he has been known as such ever since.   Cheetya has lived with the Ironfist's for 10 years and in that time hasn't aged a day. He is very fond of Thomas, and his little sister Jessica.

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