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Charlie Longernd

                            Title: THE WORDSPEAKER And Captain of the 1st Rannon   Name: Charlie Longernd, known by many as simply The Word speaker!   Location: On military assignment in Dnul   Height: 5”8   Age: 35   Eye Color: Dark Brown. (Almost Black)   Hair Color: Black / Silver (As the Wordspeaker)   Gender: Male.   Race: Human.   Clothes: Red and White Aynee army uniform with white lapels plus boots and captain's/ Wordspeaker's cloak.   Weaponry: An army long sword with sheath and standard army dagger.   Personality: Mainly cross tempered, takes his bad moods out on the slaves. When he’s happy he likes to abuse the men!   Likes: Giving out punishment.   Dislikes: Failure of any kind.   Occupation: Aynee Captain in the 1st Rannan Regiment and overall leader of the entire Aynish Army other than the emperor!   Hobbies: The empire is my life and the will of the emperor is mine.   Latest News: On assignment.   Background.   Not much is known about Charlie's background by his fellows and that is just the way he likes it.   He doesn't remember much himself except that he knows that he was brought to Rannon in search of work and joined the army.   From reading his own journal he knows that he came from Dnul and had a family and a wife at one point but doesn't remember anything about them.   He rose in the ranks very quickly gaining the rank of Captain and was summoned to meet with the Lord of Rannon. Again he doesn't remember much about that meeting except that as a result he was invited to go to the forbidden city where the emperor lives. On arriving there he met the high priest of Slock who took him through the vow of service for a second time and then into the temple where he was given a room to himself. While he was at the temple of Slock he was gifted with a very special job and the means in which to carry it out.   He was given the title Wordspeaker and he now speaks on behalf of the emperor. He knows he hasn't seen the emperor but he has spoken with him. When he is the Wordspeaker his features change so no-one can tell them apart, this was a gift given to him by Slock. He owns a black stallion which he rides on as both Charlie and the Wordspeaker, most of the men seem to understand that Charlie is the understudy to the Wordspeaker. If only they KNEW!

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