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Byron Transvaal

Name: Master Byron Transvaal (deceased)   Title: Heir of the Merchant House Transvaal   Age: 16   Hair Color: Black   Eye Color: Dark brown   Species: Human   Occupation: Warded to Denton Transvaal, Mentored by Mage Lord Jutre of Bifang.   Family: Arron (Father) Denton (Uncle)   Background:   Byron was always a spoiled child due to being the only son of Lord Arron Transvaal. He was an avid follower of Slock, and found himself rising in the ranks of his followers quickly due to his willingness to both inflict and take pain. He was not permitted to join the priesthood itself as he was destined to take over the Transvaal house when his father retired, or died.   At the age of 14 he became obsessed with learning more about the slave trade, and on the capture of Amanzi (sea elf) and Kari (half elf) by his father insisted on travelling with him across the desert to Transway to witness an auction.   He tried to convince his friend to buy Kari but she was purchased by Lord Victor Arbez for his "Zoo" as a result Byron became a constant customer at the Zoo, attracting the attention of Lord Victor Arbez who offered to teach him about the running of the Zoo while he was staying in Transway with his Uncle Denton.   Byron quickly became a favorite of the king and the rest of the court, and was secretly taken on by Mage Lord Jutre when he discovered that Byron was a loyal follower of Slock. This information was shared with Lord Arbez as Lord Jutre knew that Victor was also a loyal follower.   Byron was given the task of securing the "beauty" they needed to help break the seal they had located under the gem mine near Allebasi. Lord Jutre made sure to keep away from the project himself, as he did not wish to be involved in any scandal should the experiment fail.   Byron did his work well and yet his obsession with Kari continued to grow, who had since been sold to Lord Harry Trueheart, her freedom having been paid for by the high elves was now employed as a nanny.   He was involved in the meeting to free Kari and her children, when Variell, another of Harry Truehert's slaves, revealed that her former master, the tailor of Allebasi had been a traitor by passing information onto the Orcs. He took great pleasure in performing the torture that led to the tailors confession.   On learning that Lord Victor Arbez had been chosen to ward the young Lord Keallen and that both Variell and Kari would be travelling along with him. Byron began to hatch a plan to regain Kari despite her freedom.   It was his actions against Variell that got him into trouble first, she attacked him as he took it upon himself to put her on the docket at the "Zoo" despite her being a recruit for the Trueheart order, and belonging to Harry Trueheart. he was locked in the palace dungeons overnight before being placed in the stocks that morning. He was released when his uncle paid his fine.   He then joined Lord Victor Arbez on his barge since the Lord Arbez was relocating to Adnileb since his "zoo" had been closed as part of the fine. Keallen, Amanzi and Kari were travelling with them.   It was while they were travelling that Amanzi escaped with the help of Kari, as a reaction Victor told Byron to kill Keallen. Byron complied and was injured in the face when Kari used her magic against him and Victor. Victor was killed outright. Byron was left with deep scaring to his face.   He returned to Transway where he pressed charges through the King against Kari for attacking him and murdering Lord Victor Arbez. This led to Keallen telling the court that Byron had threatened to kill him, and had him at sword point when Kari had attacked to defend him.   Lord Harry Trueheart on learning of this attack on his son challenged Byron to a duel, which the young man accepted. This duel Byron won killing the Lord Trueheart and causing Keallen to become the new Lord of Allebasi at the young age of 7. This meant that Keallen warding to Lord Arbez came to an end as a regent was appointed and he returned to Allebasi after his father's state funeral.   Before Keallen left, Byron arranged with a travelling merchant to steal Kari, and using a spell only the merchant could do he shrank Kari, hiding her in a tea caddy. Given he was banned from court already he was not required to attend the state funeral of Lord Harry Trueheart and left that morning.   He took Kari to the seal under the gem mine, not expecting Keallen to come after him.   He manged to open a few of the seals by sacrificing a few slaves, and the Lord Forest Speaker. he had figured out it was the blood of each race that would open the seals.   Keallen came on him with a group of his friends and his brother James. A battle was fought and in the process Byron was killed by Keallen, Chief Brown Bear meeting his death at the hands of the dog Jester.   Byron's own blood helped to break one of the seals. As he died he took one last act of revenge using the device the merchant had given him to shrink Kari again. He was denied a state funeral due to his involvement in the death of Lord Forest Speaker.

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