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Arron Transvaal

Name: Lord Arron Transvaal   Title: Lord of Adnileb   Age: 58   Hair Color: Brown   Eye Color: Dark Brown   Species: Human   Occupation: Slave trader and Owner of the Adnilebian Paper Mill. Former head of the merchant house Transvaal.   Family: Denton (Brother) Byron (Son, deceased)   Background: Arron was the Head of the House until he withdrew to Adnileb after the death of his son Byron. This occurred during an incident at the joint Transvaal/Arbez gem mine located just outside Allebasi to the north near the overhang.   He does not blame Lord Keallen Trueheart for his son's death, understanding that it was Byron's actions against the Trueheart house that brought his downfall from grace.   He specializes in the slave trade which he runs from his estate outside Adnileb where he has a profitable slave farm, all his slaves are of high quality. His slaves tend to be of the human variety, though he does sell half elves and nekos on occasion if he gets a special order.   He also takes part in the running of a paper mill and book outlet out of Adnileb. His main customers being high nobles in Transway. He has a fleet of barges that travel the Adnilebian river on a weekly basis.   He had the Lord Arbez buy him out of the gem mine, not wishing to remain associated to the place where his son was killed.   His main associates are the rest of Transvaal merchant house members, the Arbez merchant house, and the Forest Walker clan of Adnileb desert. He knows the desert trail extremely well, but no longer travels far from Adnileb these days.   His health has taken a turn for the worst due to both his age and the sadness that consumed him at the death of his son Byron. Some fear that he will not live to see through the winter.   He is a stubborn man and has so far refused to let the priests of both Tarpe and Molwyn to examine him.

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