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The Arch-paladin, The Knight, Realm-Divine Heironeous

Heironeous "Arch-paladin": God of War, Chivalry, Justice and Valor. He is the younger twin brother of Hextor. His alignment is Lawful Good, though his followers come in all shades between Lawful Good and Chaotic Neutral. His creed is a simple one, to take a stand against cruelty, tyranny and evil everywhere. His main influence in the world is based out of the Stazunian nation Toranika, with his religious order there being called the Golden Wardens. But Heironeous's influence is not merely limited there, he has followers across the world. Many of the River Kingdoms favor him, namely Leareum, Tholes and Resava. He is favored in Mergor and the Vulaxan Plains between the many warbands, tribes and hordes who eke out a living there. It is rumored that one of the nations near the Sozan Plains worships Heironeous, but this is unconfirmed at best. He is one of the few remaining "Good" aligned Gods left in Dihat.

Divine Domains

God of War, Chivalry, Justice and Valor

Holy Books & Codes

The Book of the Code

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Silver Lightning Bolt

Tenets of Faith

Heironean Code   Duty to the People. This duty stresses courage, justice, mercy, valor, protection of the weak, and faithfulness to church superiors or officers of righteous law.   Duty to the Arch-paladin. This duty stresses obedience to Heironeous himself, devotion to the church, generosity, championing good against evil, putting the needs of the church and the faith above those of mortals.   Duty to a Lady. This duty pertains to the concept of courtly love, devotion to one's beloved, and respect toward all women in general.


Communion: 10th of Nightal, a day of quite introspection.   The Day of Just Rebellion: 26th of Ches. It commemorates the day when the Wardens freed one of the neighboring kingdoms from Karsder.   The Feast of Beoreous: Held on Greengrass. An interfaith celebration between the followers of Heironeous and the Elves of Beory in Droden.   Fortnight's Feast: From the 21st of Kythorn to the 10th of Flamerule. Celebrates the victory of Toran, Warden and Droden forces over the last attempt of Istashan to reconquer Toranika.   Justday: 20th of Ches. It is a time when each worshipper of Heironeous is expected to right some injustice.   Newmass: 1st of Hammer. It celebrates the new year and is considered a day of reflections on your actions of the previous year.   Vert's Day: 30th of Marpenoth. A day of celebration in the name of the Order's founder, Johnathan Vert.   Valormight: 26th of Uktar. It predates even the Istashan Imperium. It celebrates the three week period where Heironean forces, led by Heironeous himself, managed to defeat Hextor's forces as they marched up the King's Pass outnumbering Heironeous's army six to one.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Vanquish evil and protect the innocent.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Blinding white chainmail and plate armor.

Specialized Equipment

A master of all weapons, only equaled by his brother Hextor. Though he prefers the sword.

Divine Classification
Golden Wardens
Pale Blue
Long, Auburn

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