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1693 Year of the Stazunian Decimation

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Dihat is a world poised on the brink of global conflict and destruction. The two primary continents are Ramorel and Shonok, though others are said to exist. Ramorel is made up of many Kingdoms, Republic and Autocracies. It is home to a largely Human population though are several nations of Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and Gnolls. The once mightly Istashan Imperium has been reduced to the Fortress-Citadel of Vulax centered in an endless ocean of grass. To its west lie the lost Human colonies of Istashan turned kingdoms in Stazun and Jarasir. Long ancient civilizations of Dwarves and Elves cling to life on opposite sides of the Sea of Snakes, plotting their own kinds destruction. To their east lie the twenty-four nations of the River Kingdoms, a string of nations who pass their days fighting their endless wars up and down the Dihatic River. To the south across a dark, poisoned, evil ocean slumbers the continent of Shonok. It is divided almost evenly in two, with the western half being little more than a sea of a billion grains of sand. Sadistic and cruel nations claw at the little resources that remain along the Limavan Coast, where Human and Dragonborn empires frequently raid across the ocean, as well as targets closer to home. To the east past the endless Evnica Barrens, the Twin Rok struts up from the ground where a race of Dwarves are known to live. Still further past these colossal mountains, the rollings hills and meadows of the Sozan Plains are a near paradise compared to its western neighbors. Tracing the Maglan River from its source, it passes through the Isna Wilds. A raw untamed jungle where all manner of insidious creatures lurk in bogs and behind the rain forests within.   Millennia ago Dihat was home to a dozen or more pantheons of deities who called this world their home.Slowly, whether the result of malice or not, they began to depart Dihat for planes beyond the sky. The Collapse of the Istashan Imperium sounded the death knell of a great number of Gods, who either died completely in the resulting chaos, or withdrew out of fear of the survivors of that dreadful apocalypse. Now there are hardly a handful of Gods still active in some form or another on Dihat, most unfortunately have only ill intent on their minds.   Nearly 1700 years ago the great Istashan Imperium reigned supreme over Ramorel, Mergor, Jarasir and Shonok. They were the conquerors of 200 nations, and the creators of 200 more. Their rule lasted for 742 years. However as the life of the great Imperium lengthened, signs of stress were growing readily apparent. By the year 686 of the Phoenix, the majority of Shonok was abandoned and many border forts in Mergor were reduced greatly in garrison. And yet no amount of greed, corruption, decadence, civil strife nor war could keep the Imperium down. No it would be nature that finally ended the reign of the Crowned Flame. 1693 years before the current day and age, a great meteor would descend on the province spanning city. It annihilated a majority of the city in an instant, with close to 80% of the population would not escape the charnel house it would become. The destruction of the greatest city in any history meant the death of life as it was known. Civil war, tyranny, oppression, plague, cruelty and death gripped the lands of Ramorel, worse than it has ever been recorded.   At the current day to the descendants of the Collapse, it would seem as but a forgotten dream. In Stazun, the pact of Gold, Wood and Stone has held strong for 1300 years, binding Toranika, Droden and Zhaev into the closest thing this world has of friendship between nations.