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Heaven & Hell

Heaven and Hell are dimensions antithetical to one another and represent a creation story different than those posited by the gods and goddesses that call the Divine Realms home (though one with strong evidence to support it given the existence and hierarchical power levels of many of the entities involved, such as Lucifer and the Spectre). In the beginning the Presence pushed back the primordial darkness to the fringes of creation. From the resultant chaosplasm, the Presence created first Heaven and then the elements of the physical structure of the multiverse. Within that physical structure, the Presence created the Silver City to act as the base of operations for his servants while finishing their assigned tasks in populating the new existence with concepts and worlds and stars and living things and all other such phenomena. Of these servants, the mightiest one day led a rebellion from among the host of servants, or angels as they were called. The rebellion failed, and he and his followers were cast out of the Silver City. The isolated section of the multiverse to where they were exiled became Hell, and the exiled angels became known as the Fallen, led by the former instigator of their rebellion, Lucifer the Morningstar. Over time, Hell populated with all manner of dark and infernal servants to the Fallen and became a place of punishment for the souls of mortals who had sinned. The souls of those found worthy were instead bound for Heaven, and so the relationship between the two domains was settled: one the place of reward, the other condemnation. For those souls caught between judgments, the domain of Purgatory was created.   Recently, many upheavals have upset the long-held balance of both domains. First, the Great Darkness, the personification of the nothingness that the Presence had pushed out of creation, returned to wreak vengeance on the Presence. This terrible being clawed its way to Heaven before the Presence joined with it and ended its rampage. In the aftermath of the Great Darkness’ passage through Hell, a weakened Lucifer was faced with a power struggle, which ended when he accepted Beelzebub and Azazael as partners in a triumvirate that would then rule Hell. Later still, Lucifer left his kingdoms entirely and the ancient evil Neron ultimately seized power. Neron then gulled Asmodel, lord of the Bull Host and one of the mightiest of Heaven’s warriors, into leading a second rebellion against the Presence which also ended in failure and damned both Asmodel and his followers to join the ranks of the Fallen.

The Silver City

Heaven itself is an afterworld, home to the souls of those who died deserving of paradise as their eternal reward for whatever righteous and courageous lives they may have led. The Silver City is not home to these spirits and is distinctly not the same as Heaven. The Silver City is a physical outpost used by the hosts of Heaven when dealing with mortal creation and it exists outside (or “above”) creation. Mortals reputedly couldn’t survive contact with even its mere environment as only spirit is able to survive such sights and sounds. It is home base to the four hosts that serve the Presence, the great angelic armies of the Bull Host, the Eagle Host, the Lion Host, and the Host of Man (or Guardian Angels).
Dimensional plane

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