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Duryo was a bald and clean shaven, 5'11", handsome man with piercing green eyes and a slightly pale complexion. When in town he wore well tailored black robes with fine red stitching all along the edges with a stiffened collar that protruded in the back behind his head. When on the road he prefered black trousers with a matching black tunic, both with red trim. He would wear his armored chest piece over the tunic when he expected danger. In 707 TR whispers began to circulate on Hârn that Duryo was the greatest sorcerer alive.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Duryodhana-Kali was born and raised in the city of Meokolis in the Azeryan Empire. Born into an upper class household, and given a very strict upbringing by his father who as a devout follower of Agrik, Duryo's father regularly ensured his son understood the the world was no place for the weak or incompetent. The lessons were not wasted on Duryo, who found that the lessons taught in the temple of Azeri resonated deeply with his own world viewpoints. As he grew into a young adult, his faith and his powerful presence demonstrated massive potential as a Sorcerer. The temple leadership began his training into his chosen art and during his education he took his vows in the temple and dedicated himself to the ideal he must live up: the ultimate challenge of power, to defeat death itself.   During his education as a sorcerer and a cleric of Agrik, Duryo studied life and death and it lead to study both the divine and the profane. Only the good fortune of being raised in one of the largest cities on Kèthîra permitted Duryo the opportunity of learning the fascinating languages of both the Infernal and the Celestial.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Duryo's first step toward becoming a Champion of Destiny was at the Fated Crossing.
1039 CE 1065 CE 26 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born 681 TR.
Circumstances of Death
Died on the 4th of Alturiak in the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR (707 TR) fighting a minion of his diety.
Current Residence
Buried north of Waterdeep behind Elénaril's vineyard.
Presented Sex
Piercing Green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Player Profile

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