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Duo Episode - Devils' Bid

General Summary

Korvan and Lyra charged up to four Plaguechanged giant goats to save a child. Korvan was slammed into by one and Lyra was knocked through the air twice as Korvan killed one. Standing, weakened but furious, Lyra tightened her hands in anger and channeled raw weave. Ice burst forth from her hands and Lyra froze one of the goats where it stood. As Lyra took cover Korvan sundered another goat and leaped from its body to attack another. Lyra then charged in and stabbed the last goat in the heart, it then fell and shattered the iced goat.   Ekher thanked his saviors and informed them that goats in the area were normal but not Plaguechanged goats. Later they met up with Dragon Hollow and Wolfhelm, after a meal they talked and eventually Lyra fell asleep. At that point Korvan went out to steal the supplies they needed and he stole some rope, six bags full of healing supplies, and various adventuring supplies.   On the morning of the 15th, Annatar, Dragon Hollow, Korvan, and Lyra set out northward and at lunch unlocked the box Lyra had found. Inside they both found a Shadowfell Shard. At dinner Korvan and Lyra sat around the fire and talked, Annatar had Korvan tell him his story and Annatar told them that they are welcome at his home. Annatar told them that he found his hall through luck and told them that it was beyond Beliard and gave rough instructions. Lyra let slip her grand mission and Annatar took a great interest. Lyra wanted J'onn J'onzz to have Annatar join but Korvan resisted. Lyra then asked a few questions about Arda before they all retired.   In her dreams a burning lidless eye came to Lyra in the night and hissed, "I see you."   On the night of the 16th the eye came to Lyra again but Korvan comforted her. The night of the 17th Raphael came to them, knew them well and of Lyra's destruction. He offered them all they could want, they refused.

Rewards Granted


Missions/Quests Completed

Encounter Deal with a Devil Completed

Character(s) interacted with



Notable Party Damage:

  • Korvan has bruises all over his back and torso from a hard day, as well as a scorch mark along his chest from a vial he crushed on The Hood's chest.
    Noted Effects: None
  • Lyra has a gash on her left shoulder from a crossbow bolt. She has a bruise on her left rib from a horn after she was charged by a giant goat.
    Noted Effects: None
Report Date
23 Nov 2020
Primary Location

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