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Duo Episode - Confrontation in Undercliff

General Summary

Korvan and Lyra took a job handed down directly by Xanathar to deliver swords to a new client. After being accosted by a noble, named Bikus Diggus, about his appearance; they set out for Undercliff. On the journey, their thief introduced himself as Malcer Hornhelder and informed them that their client is called the Cloak of Sauron. Malcer then told a story about himself, he spoke of his time drinking with one of the Beestingers kids, Ponthidinz, that caused two ships to burn; Lyra was familiar with the tale. Turning the corner off of River Street and further into Undercliff they passed whom they knew to be House Deepwinter. Malcer hadn't recognized Calaeriel after a night of heavy drinking but Korvan and Lyra knew to duck their heads down. What they didn't know was that Calaeriel had no memory of her time drinking with Môrgæn. As the precession passed them by, they passed through Undercliff Village and met their new contact in a small wood.   As they met with the contact, a raven watched them and Korvan watched it. The shrouded Elf in the woods requested that they help him further and further more join in the service of the rise of Lord Sauron. In the end only Lyra joined him and as a bonus for joining she received a golden ring similar to the one that the Cloak of Sauron wore, it shrunk to her size, and caused her and him to glow white. He told Lyra that he was headed north for two tasks, one was to find the villain Celebrimbor and the other was left unknown to her.   Korvan, whom had given The Cloak the false name Austar, had warned Lyra not to join the shrouded figure but nothing he did would dissuade her. As they parted company, they said their goodbyes, Korvan unloaded the orc swords, and they headed off in separate directions.  

Part Two

Headed south on a pilgrimage to Waterdeep, Pip, a goblin from the Dessarin Valley, came across a battlefield where upon many undead assaulted the unbreakable lines of the City Guard of Waterdeep. The casual guards remarked upon the incompetence of the commander and felt the battle's end was at hand. Further on and destined for the River Gate, Pip encounter a darkly forest and a small humanoid fleeing from it.   The humanoid was Lyra, asked to discover if the agents of Xanathar intended betrayal. As Malcer and Korvan set out to rob the Deepwinter Estate, per Malcer's wishes, a raven and Lyra followed with Pip near behind them.   As Korvan, Lyra, and Malcer moved about inside, Pip worked his way around outside and eventually overheard a conversation between Lyra and Korvan.   In the conversation, Korvan warned Lyra against the darkness of the man they'd met, the Cloak of Sauron. He also offered with deep stirring of his own heart and a warmth in his kindness to help Lyra out of her situation and for the offer, Lyra offered her truth. It was then that Lyra told Korvan her real name and real gender.   In another moment, as fast as the last closed, Korvan and Lyra heard Malcer give a shout. Coming around the mansion, Pip had encountered a thief, a clear wererat, and blasted him with a divine light. After an exchange, Lyra begged for the wererat's life and with an agreement to leave what was stolen, they all four walked away from the estate, leaving the bodies of two raven's behind.

Rewards Granted


Missions/Quests Completed

Encounter Cloak of Sauron

Character(s) interacted with

Worked with Malcer Hornhelder, and met Cloak of Sauron

Created Content

Malcer Hornhelder [Roll20], Cloak of Sauron [Roll20]


Notable Party Damage:

  • Korvan has bruises all over his back and torso from a hard day, as well as a scorch mark along his chest from a vial he crushed on The Hood's chest.
    Noted Effects: None
  • Lyra has a gash on her left shoulder from a crossbow bolt.
    Noted Effects: None
  • Pip is prestine.
    Noted Effects: None
Report Date
16 Oct 2020
Primary Location

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