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God of War

The fiery, evil god of war, favored by those who enjoy cruelty and destruction. Agrik is worshipped by dozens of squabbling clerical sects and fighting orders.   Agrik typically dwells in his great fortress of Balgashang among his attendant V’hir. Somewhere within the castle is Ak-Syt, the dreaded chamber of tortures.   Though Agrik was once a horned greater devil, and the originator of his name, he died in a battle with the Champions of Destiny and was replaced by his second in command whom was known as the demon, Pameshlu the Insatiable. Pameshlu, the lesser devil, was Agrik’s chief underling. He was just the lord of frenzy and excess, and his appetite for blood was and still remains to be unrivaled. He was commonly portrayed as an ordinary human in lacquered black armour, bearing his broadsword, Emyn, and his shield, Okayra. The Pamesani Games are named for him. None of Agrik's subjects knew that hPameshlu replaced Agrik upon his death nor did they know that it became he whom they worship.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Agrik's quasi-deity abilities relied on a connection to an arcane focus, his was a massive crystal mounted in the roof of his temple in Balgashang.
Divine Classification
Current Location
Year of Death
1065 CE
Circumstances of Death
The Horned Devil Agrik died on the 10th of Peónu 707 TR.

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