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A Deva's truest sanctuary is their own personal palanquin, a mobile abode that transcends between dimensions and acts as a base of operations. Typically, the palanquin is situated inside the inner sanctum of the Deva's holy palace, consisting of an ornamental chamber where the Deva may tend to their own needs in solitude. It is engineered by the high priests as one of their ultimate gifts of worship towards the birth of their respective Deva. Devas tend to develop an emotional bond with their palanquin, as it marks their artificial place of birth and a cultural ground for commencing ceremonies that solidify their duty in the world as a divine ruler.  


The chamber is built upon a podium-shaped chassis powered by a divine engine, powered to manifest a dome that forms around the chamber. When in resonance with a Deva's Shakti Core, engine is capable of transferring all within the dome between the Mundane Realm (Earth) and a pocket space within the Devascape. This is called upon either when the Deva demands utmost privacy or to make an emergency retreat in the midst of a regicidal operation, as without the palanquin, the Deva is left vulnerable like any other human. The chassis is held together by a gravitational pull within the engine that keeps the palanquin in position whilst within the Devascape.   Alongside built-in fortifications, the palanquin is guarded by Siviyars, otherwise known as a Devic Drone, turret automatons that patrol the chamber and assault any unwanted guests with electroshock cannons, paralysing both body and mind. Powered by psionic charges, they are capable of following orders on their own, but are at peak performance when within the vicinity of their Deva as their power interconnects with the Shakti Core. The instance the drones abruptly lose connection with their Deva (Implying death), they will enter a state of psionic overcharge and self-destruct towards the potent intruders in a crash dive, even at the risk of damaging the palanquin.

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