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The gods of old went dormant, and humans drifted away from the spiritual world. Then, the world was struck with a reborn divine power, and a new order spoke of the ability to mutate new-born humans into Devas, beings of godlike capabilities. Chaos followed into silence, but from the ashes came the Age of Idols, where humans worshipped under the rule of the Devas. Their technocratic power and divinity forms the foundation of these reincarnated civilisations.   Time passes, and human life has divided once more, from Deva clans to the Untouchables who rebel against the self-proclaimed idols. Thanks to the divine energy field, psionic powers have rekindled and technological innovations have been made. The Devas harvest this divine energy, but you can wield it too. Now, know this: Beyond the stars is a force that awaits humanity’s worth in the world, by harmony and dissonance. When the Primordials awaken, so will the final judgment of life.   Responsibility. Spirituality. Liberation. Know these treasures well.